Friday, December 25, 2015

Obama, Clintons Worst Examples of Good Government

theodore  M I R A L D I.

What degree of incompetence, arrogance, or ethical violations must the American Public endure from the likes of Obama and the Clintons. 

When those held in the highest esteem of Public Service break our Trust, punishment should be swift and permanent. How are they getting away with this?

The sheer audacity that a person so mired in corruption could even have the mitigated gall to stand in front of a microphone passing judgment on others is a level a shame, and deceit associated to the behavior of Saboteurs, and Terrorists.

The Domestic Terrorists we must fear are politicians who make excuses for these behaviors. No longer does our government represent the Calvary riding to the rescue to ensure the American Way. 

Under the tutelage of the Obama, and the Clintons too much time is spent rescuing themselves from Congressional, or FBI Investigations. Have we lost our minds? Does anyone know what Scandal denotes?

Any college freshmen should easily understand the short failings of government mired in corruption.

Although the left hearkens back to Watergate, the damage done by the Clinton and Obama Presidencies, coupled with Hillary's unraveling of the Muslin World has, and will create damage far more serious to our way of life.

The decay of morals and ethical behavior is the modern day plague on our political system and societal norms. Could any correct thinking person believe that destroying life is somehow just.
Yet, these are the loudest voices demanding we adhere to their flawed sense of moral superiority.

These are not complicated issues, doing something wrong doesn't make you a better person, and anyone who adheres to that narrative needs to do some serious soul searching. Should they have a soul to examine.

The world no longer sees this nation as the Shining City on the Hill, but a decaying ghetto where you can send your poor, un-educated, criminally inclined, and now your Terrorists!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Obama's lies matter

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Obama has sent this nation on a downward spiral. No longer are we a country that looks toward the future, we now seek answers to how long it will take to destroy us.

There are literally thousands of quotes and policy failures that I could list as it's cause, yet most of us  only care about the effects upon our daily lives.

Obama has thrown all of us under the bus, but not without the help of his hand picked Czars, Cronies and Radical Minority Appointments. What he has achieved is the essence of our problems,  seeding the government with the same incompetence seen anywhere in the nation that Democrats control.

The mindless, self absorbed Democrats who deal in pompous, self promotion at the cost of serious minded citizens who rely solely on their our ambitions, and accomplishments.

There is a malaise within the Democrat Party that is comfortable by pursuing goals that are not realistic, and not measurable. One example is the Iran Nuclear Scam which will not come to a positive conclusion when Iran has the bomb. Another is Climate Change, a so called scientific method that can not be proven. 

It's time to get down to basics, it's time to put the needs of our nation and it's citizens first!

Forget the Refugees, the Illegals, the Crybaby Minorities. The lefts fraud against the public has pit Americans against each other for the sake of insane policy that visible make the nation weaker.

Yet Obama stands before the camera extolling his dubious accomplishments. Can anyone honestly say they feel safe, or has improved the lives of their families since Obama crawled out of some hole in Chicago.

The Democrats live in a delusional world scripted by ideologues. The Republicans need to coalesce with one candidate to stop this march towards socialism.

The people of this nation must demand a future for their children. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Republicrats vs Trump

theodore  M I R A L D I.

I must admit Trump is an acquired taste. He's the single malt you savor surrounded by the Budweiser

gang. And why is that you may ask? Trump is an idea man, and his ideas are always large. And what's more he's the source.

What truly separates him for the rest, is that his aspirations, even partially fulfilled result in positive outcomes. Finally a leader senses his inspiration into raw, and profound directions, a hypothesis question. with the true intent to Make This Nation Great Again.

It's almost as though Trump tosses a bunch of bananas into the monkey cage. The reaction is visceral

and untamed. In most cases outside the realm of truth. And the mere thought of suspending an action which has proven to put Americans in Harm's Way has the candidates in both parties on a quest to force Trump out of the race.

The democrats Jim Jones bully pulpit will demand banishment for breaking sacrament and ask you to walk into their darkness, willing and blind. It's what they do. Tell you that they are more intelligent and proving it with their failures.

Nearly every issue Trump promotes are policies that neither party want to address to protect the American Public. Hence the attack in San Bernardino. Both parties are responsible for our porous 

borders, and broken systems.

What you see is what you get with Trump. Can you say that about any of the politicians running this country. How about Hillary, is she trustworthy?

The  majority of the Republican party is too wimpy to stand up for America! Now they conspire like a bunch of thieves to rig the convention against Trump.

Whether the Republican Establishment likes it, or not, American Voters will choose who should win the nomination. The Party faithful will lose this election one more time, and be responsible for the doom it will have created.

Few Republicans take the time to discuss important policy issues with Trump. Few have adhered to   Reagan's 11th Commandment, "Thou shall not speak ill of any fellow Republican."

In not adhering to this simple truth, the Republican Establishment is handing Hillary Clinton the keys to the White House!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Impending Storm

theodore  M I R A L D I.

While reading a story this morning about a brother and sister who wished they could swap genders, I came to realize just what the world is truly facing. 

Forget about Terrorism, Climate change, the collapse of the world's Economic and Social systems. What we face is the battle for the very soul of humanity.

All of the above are merely symptoms of a mutated understanding of our purpose. We have set aside our natural inclinations toward hard science for the whimsy and fantasy of what can never be.

Whoever, or whatever granted us this experience of life may be turning It's back on us on a global level. We have lost our way. We are becoming more unnatural as each day passes.

We may have broken too many rules of natural science. We are now a polluted species running toward our own extinction. Although in a twist of fate, it may be natural as well.

Humanities seeds of discontent are ruling our world and sending us a message so above human understanding that we are perplexed and so crippled, that we have lost the will to intercede into our future.

Convoluted theory and logic have fine-tuned a new human narrative that dispels the obvious, and replaces it with a self-absorbed image of right and wrong.

It's greatest injustice is the slaughter of innocents in order to inflict this narrative on us all.

The world is filled with bad actors telling us that they have our best interests at heart, while telling our children that acting, and thinking in unnatural ways is the path to actualization.

Are there too many Xerox copies of ourselves? Have we finally disrupted God's plan, and polluted the gene pool?

And a time to every purpose under Heaven...

Friday, December 4, 2015

OpEd: The Terrorist Next Door

theodore M I R A L D I.

It's become predictable, there's a pattern, and anyone who can reasonably deny the facts need not read any further.

These are the undeniable facts, there's a significant portion of the Muslim population that hates everything our nation stands for, and if  911 wasn't enough proof, you are just a fool.

For those with little education in truth, the Religious Cultural War between Muslims and the rest of Humanity dates back at least 1400 years. Unlike the Christian Reformation, Muslims have been at odds with the rest of the world for quite some time now.

So, for the humanists who think you can change a person's ideology, religious and cultural beliefs...time is up!

How many times must we hear the chant of Death to America. How many times in this new century must we listen to the ramblings of dysfunctional world leaders blame the victims, and vow to wipe them off the face of this earth.

Like it, or not Jihad is coming to your Town, City and State.

And you can thank the name Barack Hussein Obama for that. Some call him the appeaser, I call him the enabler of Jihad on our nation.

Only a fool would disregard the facts, and not acknowledge the face of the enemy.

Islamic Terrorists are all Muslims...period!

I have lived with this sickening paradigm nearly my entire life. Ask yourself who assassinated Bobby Kennedy...a Muslim. Who killed the Israeli Olympic Team in Munich...Muslims. 911...Muslims. And although there are a litany of other offenses in our nation such as Ft. Hood...Muslim. There are now too many attacks on innocent victims to list.

The Obama Administration is seeding our nation's demise, and purposely putting ourselves and our children on a death watch. The nation repels against Syrian Refugees, and Obama pushes forward.

The nation repels the Invasion of our Southern Border, Obama allows and protects Illegals from deportation and offers us twisted statistics thinking we are too stupid to understand them.

It's time for the American Public to take control of this government with massive marches on Washington DC. If Black Lives Matters can get their attention, then by the power of  peaceful force,
now is the time!

No-one will protect you from Terrorists. You must Protect yourself!

Our Heroic First Responders are amazing, but they generally show up after the carnage.

While there are now Terrorists in our midst, Obama tries to take away your 2nd Amendment right to Bare Arms.

So I say again. who's side is Barack Hussein Obama on?

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Black Lies Matter

theodore  M I R A L D I.

You don't sent a fox into the chicken coop to educate the chickens. The result is obvious. So why would you send the Drama Queens, the Perverts, the Racists, Father less, Husband less, Generational Welfare Recipients, Criminals and the Uneducated out on the streets to extol the virtues of good behavior to the rest of us? 

I find it amusing being told by those who contribute most of the dysfunctional hyperbole having the nerve judging others behaviors. 

But to them Black Lies Matter.

For the better part of 6 decades I have had numerous friends that just happened to be black. They are friends because they are descent individuals who understood what MLK told us all about the content of character meaning more than the color of one's  skin.  This concept is elementary. 

Always show each other respect.

Many in the Black community think disrespecting others is a sign of power. Not so, it is though, a sign of ignorance. No social skills, no upward mobility outside of your group. It is crucial to growth,
something sorely lacking in the communities needing the most growth. 

The absence of character has become more evident as the hate mongers, the broken, and the loudmouths condemn others with slander, racism and just plain, ignorance that has been bred
in many cities governed by slave democrats. When will people realize they are not just buying their votes, but their character as well.

Most Americans are fed up with all of it. Liberal pundits steer clear of answering any questions regarding life in black communities. They ignore rampant drug traffic, alcohol abuse, and murder. They make believe that everything wrong with the black community is systemic.The necessary truths to change are barely visable.

The real systemic problem is with the community itself, not the cops, not some propaganda that blames others for a life of poverty.

This is a populations that breaks the rules with almost every breathe. This is a community that insists on living outside of the norms of society and whines when the outcomes are negative.

Unfortunately, Black Lies Matter only to Blacks who distort the truth in an act to disrespect those of us who truly try to get along.

This is a community that breaks bread with the party of the Klu Klux Klan. Hint, hint,,,maybe it's why many of us just don't take you seriously. 

It would seem some blacks are more agreeable when some-one else takes care of them, your Baby Momma, Sugar Daddy, or the Government. But guess what, all of the free stuff is being paid for by the very people they hate, White America!

Just ask yourself a few simple questions; How many African Americans are helping poor white people? How many African Americans want white people to live next door? How many black nations are feeding, or educating a white population anywhere in the world?

The Black community is in denial about the root causes of their poverty. Try to teach in a Public School where Blacks are the majority. This is the basic root of the dysfunction, bullies run the classrooms, and in turn run the schools. Southern Slave owning Democrats forbade slaves from being literate. Now in the 21st century they are doing the same thing, and using our money to manipulate that population again. If Blacks need to take a stand, take a stand against the party of slavery, they are running your lives again.

No-one in their right mind could ever convince me that Black on Black crime doesn't matter, that upwards of 80% of black children have no father, that blacks are at the bottom of the educational ladder, and fewer blacks ever graduate HIGH SCHOOL.

So Black Lies Matter alright, if you aren't a person of character who wants to have a better life based on your own accomplishments and not denial.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Insecurity. The Obama Way

theodore M I R A L D I.

I for one, am sick and tired of being lectured to by a secretive government that has been responsible for the majority of insecurities Americans are feeling. The majority of people in this nation are citizens, and the citizens of this nation have had enough.

Obama's convoluted logic is the result of his lack of experience with the rest of us. The people who pay the bills, the majority of soldiers defending our freedoms, our children, and the elderly who have contributed to the wealth of this nation for an entire lifetime. Why is it then that Obama only cares about Illegal Immigrants and Refugees from Muslim countries.

Let's go out on the limb and remember what he has actually said;

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” — 

Barack Obama, October 30, 2008

Wake up people, the transformation he has promised is happening right now, in every 

home, town, city and state in this nation. 

Obama has negatively affected every aspect of our lives and taken the hard fought security we have fought for since Europeans settled this land. That's right, Europeans who just happened to be Christians. 

This administration is Muslim-centric willing to allow between 10,000 to 65,000 Muslim Refugees into our nation while Muslim extremists are terrorizing the world. 

Here's an example: According to the World Bank, there were 2.5 million Afghan refugees in 2014; according to the Office of Refugee Resettlement, in fiscal year 2014 we took 758 of them. There were 616,000 from South Sudan; we took 52 of them. There were 410,000 from the Central African Republic; we took 25 of them.

So why is Obama and his band of liars insisting on allowing some many Syrian men of fighting age into our nation? To disrupt the social cohesiveness of the majority. It's how you start revolutions! 

Obama has a plan, to level the world field and make us a member of the New World Order, and if possible a weak member at best. He is ashamed of the nation that has nurtured him to success.

When asked directly about the serious affects that will most likely occur, Obama lectures us about our charity, and the American way. Mind you, Obama has no charity for the majority of the people he governs.

My question, where was Obama when men, women and children were being gassed by Assad. When Christians are being murdered throughout the Middle East and Africa. While women are being treated like chattel through the Muslim World? Obama is a coward who uses his rhetoric to slip out the back door whenever the going gets tough.

He relies on blaming America and it's citizens for his own weakness. 

He sounds like the leader of a minority group. Not the President of the United States.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Obama: Man Without A Country

theodore M I R A L D I.

This may be the very first time that the leader of a nation so important to the stability of the world choices to sit back, watch the carnage, and profess the loss of life in Paris a set-back.

What he hasn't offered is a cogent strategy of how to stop the violence now, or in the future.

At best, Obama has dabbled in the presidency. Winning in 2008 fulfilled his wildest dreams, since then his use of subterfuge, denial and outright lies has kept him in office. He should not have won in 2012, and I feel history will unearth the truth.

Barack H. Obama is a man without a country. He is a mere bag of verbiage and adjectives, a barker for the cult of crybabies, and whiners who should be  offended by themselves. 

The example Obama offers our children and our enemies is a posture of weakness and fear.

A modern day Narcissus so prideful that he looks down even at his admirers. Obama is not a leader of men, or a nation, for he is a citizen of a place that doesn't exist. He shows his displeasure at all that is American, demeaning our allies and getting in bed with the enemy.

Obama is a man without a country, and even the most  ferocious liberals are beginning to scratch their heads at the nonsense he supports.

Obama is not the president of the United States, he has lost what little respect the voters have held on to, both the Senate and the House have changed parties. Obama is not respected by even the slightest majority of the military, CIA, NSA and Foreign Services.

He represents the illusive magical thinking of a child. Never accepting the bitter truth that evil really exists, and the roots of his legacy may be responsible.

His micro-mechanical thinking permeates his assessment of complex problems and solutions, thinking outside of his small narrative it literally impossible.

His incessant introduction of sarcasm into life and death situations is the earmark of childish behavior, not the behaviors of the vast majority of holders of his office.

Obama has lost his MoJo.

His meaningless endeavors will lead to failure. His words have little truth.

Obama is a man who has lost his country's respect.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

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Time to Stand Against Evil. Vive la France!

theodore miraldi.

How many heartbreaks must the world endure because of the homicidal maniacs being spawned in the Middle East? When will we finally learn, that sometimes turning the other cheek just doesn't work? 

What we are dealing with is no less horrific than the Nazis in Europe, it is genocide of everyone that is not Muslim and refuses to bow to the will of Allah. Let me correct that, these are Muslims who commit crimes against their own as well.

They have spilled the blood of innocent men women and children throughout the world, maybe it's time to say, enough!

This is a religious. cultural war that has only enemies. People, and nations that believe in freedom and human dignity must be murdered indiscriminately. There is only one purpose to their madness...
world domination. 

You might think that would be enough for the rest of us to take it to them, not so.
We live in the magical thinking world of Political Correctness where evil does its bidding and we make excuses for it. This is now happening within our own communities and we know why, yet do nothing.

The Bullies bully and we weep for the innocent? 

Maybe this time we will heed the lessons of history and realize that Freedom Isn't Free, and it's our duty to each other to fight the good fight.

As experienced in modern history the dogma of religious persecution is worsening throughout the world and taking no prisoners. And not just against one group, it's against all of us.

We can no longer stand by and watch regardless of the cost.

Where are the Leaders of the Free World? Maybe it's time for the world powers to unite and finally
end the violence in the Middle East with an overwhelming multi-national force that will finally
end the hatred being spawned against the innocent.

Maybe it's time to change the dynamics of a region that has been at war for thousands of years.

We did it in Europe and Japan!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Ad Hominem Immigration Policy

theodore miraldi.

Ad hominem attacks on anyone who isn't willing to allow Illegal behaviors of any kind is the most powerful model in politics today. Character assassination, leading to all out calls for banishment has finally surfaced on college campuses. 

What we have is PC having a psychotic break. Progressives are now eating there own.

That's how it is with those who disregard the facts for emotional rhetoric the democrat party has used since Gore lost to Bush. Let's be clear, we saw it coming, and did nothing. Until the democrats lost control of the Senate we were in a stalemate and the leveling of the field for the democrats were ad hominem attacks on any person, or policy that interfered with their intend to turn our nation over to
the citizens of the world.

Too many Mexicans, too many Muslims, and too many people from dysfunctional segments of the population disagreeing with facts and logic. Just ask yourself where all of the problems we are facing are originating. The most progressive States and Cities are literally crumbling under the weight of lies and poor management.

What the left needs to understand, is that everyone isn't convinced with repetitive lies and policy failures. There are those who would like us to believe that this nation would be better off in their inexperienced hands, fumbling from one crisis to the next, and then lying to cover the truth.

We have seen this for the last 7 years, and still they think no-one has noticed. That's why stupid is,
as stupid does. Rather than admitting poor judgment and process they call us names.

The perfect example of this flawed narrative is Immigration. 

Do they realize that over 10% of Mexico's total population are now living in our nation illegally? Do they understand that cheap labor hurts US citizens by deflating wages. Can they possibly understand that a illegals commit more crimes per capita than native Americans. Illegals create housing shortages, less access to Health Care and Food Subsidies.

These programs were created for American Citizens who needed a helping hand. Not 12 million law
breakers who disrespect our way of life. And that's where ad hominem lives, telling us we are not compassionate, or that we are a racist nation that perpetuates white privilege not willing to understand the driving force of our success was created by Non-Hispanic speaking whites.

Whether we deport 12 million illegals, is not as important as, those 12 million people understanding that they are here because of our compassion. Immigrants have come before with empty pockets and bellies, legal and illegal. What is significantly different is the lack of humility and self respect that
comprises good character, and a willingness to assimilate into the American Dream.

So call me as many names as you like, just respect our laws and my country...

For additional Information visit: Center for Immigration Studies 

Welfare Use by Legal and Illegal Immigrant Households

An Analysis of Medicaid, cash, food, and housing programs

Sunday, November 8, 2015

OpEd: America Lurching Backwards

theodore miraldi. edited

It has taken 45 presidents starting in 1789 to 2020 to establish a highly socialized, economic and world power to make our nation and its people exceptional. One must admit like any child we have suffered the pains necessary to identify the things we should and could do differently.

It's not by some mishap that this, of all nations in this world will be remembered throughout history as the one nation that offered equal opportunities for those willing to take on her flag and stay within reasonable narratives of success.

This level of socialization in a free society is a miracle by any measure or standard. and only is achievable when the individual adheres to the greater purpose translated through our Constitution.

How unfortunate that in trying to build a better moose trap we've ensnared a segment of the population that has given up on hope. Not the word, but it meaning.

The great Industrialists envisioned a nation with full employment and prosperity for all, but as they say, you can lead the horse to water, but you can't make it drink. Never in modern history has our government promoted not drinking from the fountain of success.

Never before has our government enabled citizens, or illegals to disobey Local and Federal Laws.

Instead of taking personal responsibility on as a friend, the left demonizes those who are the mentors, the examples of accomplishment.

We are in the throws of an internal combustion that can only lead to anarchy, and chaos and it has been created by our 44th president and his government of criminals. They demand equality while punishing Nuns and those who wish to practice their faith.

By straining our systems of socialization beyond the ability of those who need it most, a false schism has been set in motion using the power of division. There are too many serious social issues to address without this interference by Big Brother sending you through the wrong door.

Obama is the false Prophet of Hope who feasts upon the nation's bounty while the common man suffers. And if the nation has not suffered enough, he will teach us how.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Unteachable Left

theodore miraldi.

In spite of overwhelming evidence and factual data the Left and its protagonists refuse to submit to organized, fact based dialog. Just watch as they run out the group think rhetoric, and start interrupting and speaking over their counterparts to avoid ever hearing the truth.

The screaming heads who fill the air with sheer propaganda need to be publicly shamed into submission. Albeit, it's easier on the nervous system to walk away, but in fact, that's exactly what they want you to do.

How can it be that political ideology is more important than personal responsibility. For instance,
a national debt nearing 20 trillion dollars will affect their children as well. Yet Gobal Warming is their priority. 

Consider ObamaCare accomplishes just the opposite of  what was intended, and they still sit silent.

We can continually blame the media for poor reporting, but let's face the facts, the party of unity is only coherent when considering one person at a time, one specific group and the falsehood of individualism and total choice. 

They more than most should just look into the mirror and admit, if not for huge government intervention into our personal lives many dependent people would act like individuals and assume the posture of independence, which after all, is the American Dream.

What they offer is the American Nightmare built on lies and deceptions based on cradle to the grave dependence, never telling you that the well will run dry. The democrats are all about bait and switch, feeding you the chicken first, and slowly replacing it with an onion.

What most don't realize is that this nation was built on sound principles, not fuzzy math which always
ends in failure.

The democrats have turned the downtrodden into political cash, and if you haven't noticed, that cash gets spend on their extravagance. Caring less that people are more important than political power.

What they have been successful at is turning a thriving nation into a a national tragedy. Not just on domestic policy, but injuring the very spirit of our soul.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The We Gotcha Debate

theodore miraldi.

This partisan performance by CNBC moderators should embarrass every serious minded American who truly loves this nation, no matter your political affiliation. This Debate was nothing more than a sham by a News organization that acts more like a Super-Pac for the Democrat Party.

Where else does twisting truth, or facts put a smile of accomplishment on a third rate bunch of reality show contestants, but in the party of Clinton and Obama. You could see their sense of self worth by the petulance and arrogant tone of the questioning.

This Debate relayed the real truth about what's wrong in this nation. A panel of children whose grandiosity made them look like middle schoolers taking swipes at the teachers.

It's what children who are confused in the adolescent stage of life do when attacking their latest victim.

This Debate was more akin to reading a story in the National Inquirer about a 3 headed bearded women and swearing it to be true, then doubling down on the sheer stupidity of your understanding. Or, being transported to a planet inhabited by donkeys all called Democrat. 

Their disrespect for common courtesy, or intellectual acumen of subject matter, these buffoons acted in a mean spirited manner with the intent to embarrass and besmirch the character of a solid

 cast of Republican candidates.

Now do you see why our nation is facing insurmountable obstacles.

The children are running the show.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

It's About Character Stupid

theodore miraldi.

Watching the Benghazi Hearing and another anti-climactic result has probably left many frustrated and angry. Not to fret, this has happened numerous times within our nation on Local and Federal levels. Unfortunately corruption exists when bad actors enter government, and use the powers of our Institutions to falsify their true intent.

One may recall the corruption of Tammany Hall, and Boss Tweed in New York, or Richard J. Daley the architect of one of the most corrupt governments in our nations history.

My point being, the democrat party has forgotten its own history, and how it used political power to corrupt. Helping the poor, and the promotion of mass immigration are always in the formula. Welfare and weak criminal law enforcement always giving those who don't follow the law a break.

Democrats should be less inclined to making judgements regarding Institutional Racism, or for that matter racism at all, as they are willing to stomp out Free Speech, and Religious Freedom. 

The democrats institutionalized the Klu Klux Klan, but rarely atone for the problems racism has caused in our society as a whole. 

Hillary Clinton is the product of the elite political class that has conveniently forgotten the lessons of history. Hillary Clinton forwards a narrative that corruption works, and by all means profitable as well.

Hillary Clinton stands for the worse outcome of the Civil Rights movement by preying upon the very people she professes to help. Make no mistake, every endeavor that Hillary Clinton champions has some form of profitability attached.

"I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." (MLK)

 I guess Hillary thinks those words only apply to blacks.

Those words belong to anyone who truly cares about social, political, and economic justice.

The simple fact that she is the subject of multiple investigations, all regarding her character should render her ineligible to run for any public office.

No citizen that has any pride in living in the most socially, economically and technological advanced society should allow a person such as Hillary Clinton to be in control of their lives. 

Since when do we elect people to high office with such devastating character flaws. A standing Secretary of State who ignored over 600 requests for additional security on the anniversary of the World Trade Towers attack.

The disrespect for our Institutions was assaulted first by her husband in the Oval Office, with impeachment, and by committing perjuring. Hillary wants to continue the family tyranny by allowing American citizens to be murdered, and lying about the true facts up to, and after their deaths.

As with Obama, the Clintons are purely political in nature. Every move cunningly calculated to shift, or deny any responsibility.

We will have 8 years of an administration that has lied and deceived our nation and our friends. Are we so blind that we no longer base our heritage on Honor, Duty and Personal Treasure?

Is this nation better, or worse because of policies that divide our nation?

Hillary's lack of character speaks for itself! 

It's time for us to speak for ourselves, and demand the qualities from our elected officials that produce positive outcomes. 

Obama and Clinton are the JV team, and their failures are obvious!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Obama's Immoral Equivalencies

theodore miraldi.

We've seen this behavior for his entire presidency. Taking the side of the antagonist against Persons and Institutions that do not adhere to his flawed narratives. This president is the product of Affirmative Action and Perceived Victimization. 

His global vision is not to govern the many, but deliver his personalized justice by sending a veiled message to our enemies here and abroad.

Obama has no boundaries either, as he levels criticism on Israel for protecting its citizens against terrorists inside and outside of its borders. His disdain for authority, that questions his grandiosity,

or savior complex, makes him double down on condescension. 

We have witnessed his methods from the onset, with the arrest of Harvard Professor Gates, implying racism by the police, while exonerating Gates, a friend, from any wrongdoing.

His connection to an antagonist/perpetrator identification is always based on some injustice that may date back centuries, gives him his dysfunctional view of morality.

How could anyone blame Israeli police for killing the murderer of a Grandmother and Child? His concept of right and wrong, borders on intentional evil. He praises those who cause harm to the innocent and shames the victims. 

Let's be clear, Obama is a racist, and these are not empty words. He has proven his proclivity by his actions. Obama hides his real feelings about our nation and Western Civilization. The evidence is in his policies, always making this nation weaker.

Obama loves the job, but not the nation. Relishes the perks, but not the responsibilities. 

Obama is not George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, or Ronald Reagan.

What he is, is the product of a nation, that allows those not up to the job to lead. 

We see this throughout the nation in places like Ferguson, Chicago and Baltimore.