Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Terrorist by any other name...

theodore miraldi.
Published 1/29/2015

The Double Speak of the left has given us Barack Obama

. The Progressive movement for the last 3 or 4 decades has

 taken us to the brink of ignorance. I'm not talking about

 technology here, but the ignorance of the willing to listen to

 the propaganda that never tells us the truth. The truth is that 

the victims of perception are leading us to disaster. It's the

 minorities that cry about letting the rest of us

know what's acceptable. 

We have become so afraid to speak out against what's wrong

 for fear that we might be perceived as uncaring, or

 insensitive. But in adhering to this massive gag order we

 have participated in the devolution of reality. In my last piece

 I spoke about semantics, what we are really experiencing

 here is a flawed progressive and dysfunction minority mantra

 telling us how to think about them, and what words we are

 allowed to use. This has now crept into public policy. We are

 now being throttled by the mediocre.

The same mentality that gives us student rankings that are

 dreadful in comparison to other nations, fatherless families

, generational dependence on government assistance, lack

 of respect for law and order and the affront of common

 sense is what we have supported to give us Barack Obama.

Giving a chance to the underdog is a noble cause, giving a

 chance to those who wish to destroy our way of life is a


It has become evident that Barack is the real problem to a

 nation trying to rebuild. I stated before the election, that to

 elect a man who had no experience running anything would

 be a mistake. Add to it the mentality of egotist and radical 

elitist who had been nurtured by socialists. Here we are,

 stumbling from one crisis to another. Barack Obama hasn't

 had an original idea in his whole life. It's why he chooses

 outdated methodologies the have failed in the past. 

So America start calling it what it is: Islamic Terrorism

, Corruption, Working the System, Criminal Behavior, Illegal

 Immigrant or whatever makes sense. Make no mistake

 those who are trying to destroy us are the ones we have

 allowed to take control of our nation by restricting our Free


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