Sunday, July 26, 2015

America, Child of the Future

theodore miraldi.

In no other place, at no other time has a nation of immigrants

 forged a nation with a belief system

based on sound codified laws. Freedom and the Pursuit of 

Happiness has given us the 

Liberties that we hold sacred. And although we have and still face

 perilous times, when called upon

we do what we must to preserve our nation. 

We now face a crossroad, unlike many others in the past. A path 

with no clear direction, only the

call of those who wish to deceive and offend our Founding

 Principles. Those who act above the law

and diminish the will of the nation. Professing individual freedom

 for some, and censorship for others.

We must not succumb to the flawed narrative of failed ideologies.

 Those who compare our greatness 

to nations that subject its citizens to lives of hopelessness are

 working against the greater good.

This next year will be embedded in history as a rebirth, or the 

demise of the greatest nation in the history of the world.

Follow the truth, know that the fundamental beliefs of  Life, 

Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness has worked to make this 

nation great.

It has never been Division by Race, Religion, or Gender.

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