Sunday, July 26, 2015

Black Communities Drop the Ball. Again!

theodore miraldi. 
Published 5/3/2015

It would be nice for a change to hear Blacks say something


Arrest all the rioters who destroyed, and stole making

 examples of them so the children of the community know the

 difference between right and wrong. 

Or, violence begets violence to those in the community who

 stand on street corners recruiting your kids. 

And maybe, take those metal detectors out of our schools,

 I'm a parent, this child is my responsibility not yours.

And here's why most so called upstanding citizens in black 

communities don't. FEAR!

Fear to police your own. The world is filled with communities

 like this, and in every case fear of taking a stand is a

 major cause. 

The reason minorities take liberty in this country is because,

 for the most part the 70% won't trample the 12%. No 


It's sad, but true. These communities are filled with

 uneducated, unemployed and dysfunctional children and

 adults. It would give all of us great pride to see some real


I work with successful minority individuals all the time. Some 

are the truest friends that I have. 

People need to start a dialog about the real symptoms of

 dysfunctional behaviors, and stop blaming the rest of us who

 have to deal with it on a regular basis.

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