Sunday, July 26, 2015

Black & Hispanic Voters Need to Grow Up!

theodore miraldi. 
Published 10/21/2014

We are still waiting for these two groups to put their 'Big Boy' pants on!  

Vote by Emotion?

How unfortunate in this day and age when immigrants from other cultures are still streaming to our shores and making successful lives for themselves. There will always be opportunities for those who play it straight and follow the rules.

Now that brings us to the heart of the matter. Blacks and Hispanics (not all) fall into the trap set for them by the so-called equal opportunity race baiters. Offering a multitude of viable alternatives to not work. These two communities, not only have problems with assimilation into our social systems, but actively assume the posture of victims. Victims of their own lack of change. 

These two groups more than most others have historically refused to use the same structures and models that have changed the lives of hundreds of millions of minorities through the history of this nation. 

Blacks and Hispanics are one issue voters, and in most if not all elections the sole purpose of their vote is themselves and not the welfare of the nation.

Crippled by what I term as a dysfunction of  the 'Self ' many of these voters could care less about community, or the future. Instant gratification by cultures that emphasize emotional satisfaction based on on their individual wants. 

After all, how many people who live in poverty would be concerned about high priced clothing, or IPhones when they can not by their own means feed themselves, or their children. No amount of social engineering can correct cultures that have not socially evolved. 

Just look at the world at large and the enormous problems we all face. All in socially dysfunctional societies that promise happiness through government and not personal responsibility. 

These communities have set this nation's social development back 50 years. And now Obama wants to allow millions more of the uneducated and unskilled to break our laws and devour our treasure.

My advice, vote for the only change that is now essential for this nation to survive, Vote for responsible government for the many, and not the few.

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