Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bordering on Stupidity

theodore miraldi.

Regardless of the unending rhetoric by both parties there are some intrinsic facts to the Border issue that must take a front row seat before any real progress will be made. Republicans must win the Senate in November, or at the very least split it down party lines. Without a plurality we will be in for much or the same adolescent behaviors from our Leader from Behind (in this case behind meaning ass), and the same vitriol from 'Dementia Reid' and his girlfriend 'Stop the Hate Pelosi.'

These are the issues that must be addressed without partisan bickering, secure the border and start acting like this country is worth saving, or at least start doing the job all of the schoolyard boys and girls (Representatives) are being paid for. We are not a sovereign nation without a controlled border. And if anyone needs proof of that fact please explain the 15-20 million illegals already in the country.

This one fact alone is testament to the failure of our Federal Government to do, not only what the Constitution requires of it, but something common sense would dictate. We as citizens should demand this, or else! All of the hyperbole about anti-immigration republicans is no more than a smoke screen by the left to change the very nature of this nation from civil responsibility to the never ending protests that dictate policy in lesser nations. We are a nation of laws, not mob rule. 

Law and logic are the elements that have taken this nation from the frontier to the modern world. Mob rule, better known as democratic principle, or humanism is and has always resulted in chaos and decline. A government run on emotion becomes a minority movement and nothing more. As we all know, emotion has little control.

This affinity with sub-cultures in this nation must stop. The constant whining of those who feel disenfranchised, yet have a false sense of entitlement need to check the reality of their behaviors outside of national priorities. 

This administration needs to govern for all of the people and stop acting like some bastard child having a hissy fit. Our president needs to act like an adult with a responsibility to not act out and call people names in the playground.

Listening to the avalanche of lies regarding Congress not doing their job is ludicrous considering there are over 350 Bills sitting on Harry Reid's desk that have been passed by the House. For Obama to lie habitually about his bad policy has become insulting. 

To purposely politicize Public Institutions to have Americans trying to harm Americans is criminal. We are better than our current leaders.

 It's time to fight back before we become a Third World country!

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