Sunday, July 26, 2015

Democrats; The party of Liberty, or Hate?

theodore miraldi. 
Published 10/31/2014

This election may very well be a new beginning, or our last gasp of freedom. As I strike these keys once again we are faced with the ultimate tyranny. The criminal behaviors of those who are elected to protect our freedom and the gatekeepers charged to guarantee transparency. This unholy alliance has been the downfall of Democracies and Republics not only in our times. 
The party of inclusion continues to say you are not worthy of their trust, the media has validated this rhetoric for over a decade.

This new hypocisy is embedded within the minds of its practitioners as truth, and

 justice. Yet make no mistake those who do not profess their ideology are 

targeted with slander and hate. The never ending cascade of innuendo and 

negatives has become the new political language of the left. No longer are we all

 Americans, but classified by old labels that make it nearly impossible to be

 united. When will we stop being African/Americans, Irish/Americans, 

German/Americans and start being just Americans.
A wise man once said,  "Any kingdom divided against itself is laid waste; and any

 city or house dividedagainst itself will not stand." These words were no truer 

then, then

 they are now.

Our nation is on the brink of collapse by the party of

 hate. All one needs to do is look at the history of the Democratic

 Party to know the truth. The Southern Democrats were the Slave

 Owners prior to the Civil. During the Dred Scott decisions by the

 Supreme Court that stated Blacks were not citizens and had no 

rights under the Constitution.

The President at the time was Buchanan a Democrat, the Dred

 Scott decision was made by aSupreme Court whose majority were

 Democrats working to benefitthe interests of Southern Slave

The Scott decision was a major cause of the Civil War and 

strengthened the Republican Party in the North.

We now face a democratic party that feels free to demonize all who

 disagree. We have seen these types of behaviors before from

communist, socialist and dictatorships. Is this what we want for our

 nation's future? We are dealing with a voter constituency that

 would rather follow than lead.

The benefactors of LBJ's 'GREAT SOCIETY' has made little

 progress with lasting effects to make their lives better, 

the recipients of BHO's RAW DEAL' have lost considerable


Putting the right men and women in office will make this a better 

nation for  all!

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