Sunday, July 26, 2015

Enemy of the People

theodore miraldi.

The naive assumption that Obama is a fumbling fool who is so inept that these terrible Domestic scandals and Foreign policy flops are in for a rude awakening. 

The immigration problem at the border may be the final piece to Obama's implementation of Cloward Piven, removing the last semblance of law and order that has guided this nation to greatness. 

Bear with me, Cloward Piven is no more than the redistribution of wealth. Establishing a base income for those who neither have the will, or inclination to work. In order to implement this socialist narrative, one must first Break the Bank. 

What Obama has done successfully is empty the Treasury by driving up the deficit from 10 trillion dollars carried over from Washington's presidency to nearly 18 trillion dollars under Obama. Nearly doubling the nation debt in only 6 years. 

Obama's promised transformation is in fast forward. Destabilization of the economy, jobs, massive illegal immigration, hundreds of thousands of regulations on the private sector, lawlessness by government agency heads and rolling back of the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution such as Freedom of Speech, Religion and the Right to Bear Arms. 

We have a Senate and House too concerned about re-election and not concerned enough to run our government responsibly and with honor.

Like it or not we now have 12 million plus Hispanics who could facilitate a Civil War by denouncing the United States and taking up arms for a foreign nation. 

What in the world has happened to this nation when the Federal Government refuses to enforce laws passed by Congress, when cities welcome illegals with Housing, Food and Medical Care. 

This flood of illegals must not stand!

 The time is surely coming when everyday, hardworking people will be flooding the streets in protest of an illegal government that acts like a criminal enterprise.

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