Sunday, July 26, 2015

Evil Needs No Disguise

theodore miraldi.
Published 6/21/2015

Evil is Pervasive, it hides behind Race, Culture, Ethnicity, Nationality, Language, or where ever living things reside. Evil is Insidious, it lurks in the dark, waiting, calculating, feeding upon those who do not believe that it even exists. 

And unfortunately for  humankind it will live within the hearts of men, women and children till the ends of days.

And although our hearts will weep for the good men and women who have perished by Evils hand, it has a place in this world. Evil by nature's definition is necessary to show our flawed species that we are far from reaching Nirvana, Utopia, or Shangri La. 

As long as people covet thy neighbor, and live to worship the debris that this world gives birth to, the
second person within man will be wanton and lustful. 

Only as we age do we start to focus on the spirit, our true self. This Good vs. Evil conflict represents
Life and Death. We have barely scratched the surface of our understanding of this world and life.

The loss of those who are  Kind and Good leave us a remembrance of what we could be. They show us the way. May their loss be the catalyst to a better community, and a better world.

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