Sunday, July 26, 2015

Forget Iran. Jail the Liars!

theodore miraldi. 
Published 4/9/2015

As Americans try to understand what in God's name Obama is negotiating, or for that matter, what God he is even negotiating for, we have an even more disastrous problem to deal with. The Liars in Washington who have no shame, and certainly no loyalty to God or, the voters.

Now in the seventh year of the Obama Liarthon, we stand at the brink of Armageddon and a government that even George Washington (who never told a lie) would line up in front of a firing squad.

Everyone lies just a little at times to avoid some embarrassment, the likes of Reid and Pelosi have created a new art form, the lie that is so obvious it dumbfounds those who hear it.

That's right, the public being so dumb to human communications and intent, that merely listening interferes with the total absorption necessary to stare and listen to their newest electronic device.

So who cares about government being in your business, after all many think that it's the government that created the very device that makes otherwise intelligent beings walk into potholes, and old ladies without any shame.

So where's the shame when an elected official lies to a public that expects the truth?

Reid's purposeful shame on Romney no tax lie or, Pelosi's sign it to read it mantra. The list so voluminous, it shames me! And that is the purpose of Obamanation. Shaming the innocent in the pursuit of power.

Forget Iran, our problems are worst than Armageddon, for what do we win? The dishonor of being lied to when all that we want is the truth.

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