Sunday, July 26, 2015

Government Mired in Deceit

theodore miraldi. 
Published 2/28/2015

The Obama Democrats that have successfully used every trick and lie to institute policies that have challenged our Constitutional System of government will not be silenced by mere debate. The near shutdown of DHS is again another result of their policy of deceit.

Republicans have every right in Congress to not fund Obama's Executive Memo on Immigration. The stay placed on this policy has not been lifted and will possibly take months, if not years to resolve in Federal Courts. So why are democrats willing to fund an Obama edict and move forward with an act that may be deemed unconstitutional?

At a time when Islamist Terrorists are threatening our very safety, crossing our Southern Border and committing Lone Wolf acts here, the democrats in some fool hearty mission are insisting to have it their way, and in doing so putting Americans at risk.

America needs to fund DHS and Obama and his supporters need to make sure a bill is signed without funding this additional Immigration folly.

This is how the democrats have been operating since Obama's election. Immigration Laws are selectively being enforced at Obama's will. It's time that the Law be enforced by the will of Congress and the people it represents.

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