Sunday, July 26, 2015

Greecing the Euro

theodore miraldi.

What the heck is happening to a nation that once ruled much of the known world. Is there a new Mythological Entity that is going to pay Greece's debt. In a nation that helped develop, logic, self-

examination, mathematics and democracy Greece has now gone rogue. 

The world has been letting Greece get away with not taking its own history seriously. When Greece was a powerhouse in the Mediterranean it largest export was Olive Oil. Greece now exports debt, and plenty of it. The Greek people owe there own government over 86 billion dollars only since 2009.

A once proud nation has been reduced to a population of arrogant beggars who would rather have

other nations pay its debts on one hand, while asking for more money with the other. This same narrative exists in many other communities around the world.

 I said communities. not entire countries.

The collapse of other socialist nations is well documented. This ideology will result in the ruination of a beautiful nation filled with an entitlement mentality, and poor work ethic. Biting the hand that feeds you would be putting it mildly. Chastising nations that literally feed your children and pays your bills is astonishing for a modern nation. How about taking responsibility for your debt.

The EU cannot afford to support other nations indefinitely, and not be repaid. The audacity from the Greek population thumbing their nose and partying in the streets will not be soon forgotten.

I wouldn't be surprised if the EU allows Greece to withdraw and face its own problems. 

It appears that Greecing the EU for cash only gets you dirty hands.

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