Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hate Rules the Day

theodore miraldi.
Published 2/16/2015

While the world waits for its leaders to take action against the

 actors of hate, innocent men, women and children continue 

to be murdered. The hate exists not only in far away places,

 but in our Communities, State and Local Government,

 Organizations and just ordinary people. We are at odds with


There are too many who would rather strike at others than

 examine themselves, after all that's alot easier in a nation

 that has become too afraid to judge even the worst actors. 

Hate is not a new narrative, we've been unfortunate enough

 to see it in our our towns, and some of our political leaders.

 It's a cancer left unabated will consume the world.

Hate has been virile and fluid in the Middle East for 

thousands of years, but only now do the purveyors of hate

 have a supporter in the White House. Masked as a man of

 peace, this president is the major contributor to social unrest

 at home, and violent uprisings around the world. 

This is a character so contrary to logic that our nation is

 facing a serious challenge to its very existence.

Obama is not a legitimate American President, but a

 facilitator of revenge and resentment. He applauds dissent

 and finds  moral equivalencies for its justification. Perceived

 injustices past and present are the suedo facts he bases his 

actions upon. It's the reason he entertains no debate and 

acts unilaterally knowing he could never get a real vote of

 confidence on most of hos policy. 

Obama has honed his saboteur skills shaking down the 

business community and manipulating the ignorant. Obama

 has become the darling of the left, the same left that

 America called Communists and Socialists in the 40's and

 50's. He likens himself to real men who would give their

 honor and treasure for a cause, like Martin Luther King

, Abraham Lincoln, and John F. Kennedy. Obama is a taker,

 for what he gives is not internal but a guise to support his


While honorable men, women and even children die for the

 prospect of freedom and liberty, Obama stays silent, so

 fearful of failure and exposure of the truth he doubles down

 on the same political rhetoric that put him office. 

He has become the fool in a White House, while the public

 pays his rent.

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