Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hillary Gets Ugly Quick!

theodore miraldi.
Published 6/5/2015

Hillary Clinton's ugly view of our political system shot its first salvo of  remarks that could only be meant to divide the public. Maybe it was just too much for us to expect that Hillary would actually speak about real problems facing our nation. "It's the Economy Stupid."

She is nothing more than the torch bearer of dividers  from Obama to numerous democrats who would rather win an election than show some personal integrity or respect for the voters. Hillary is already pandering with her twang in the south and performing her best impersonation of an African American. How much effort is Hillary making to insure that poor whites in Appalachia are getting to the polls. 

Her latest attack on voter rights in minority communities is sheer fabrication, and a damn lie. Voter turnout has risen significantly in these communities in the last two elections. To make minorities incapable of caring for their own interests should be insulting to any fair minded individual.

Let's face it, Democrats can not win national elections without the majority of Black and Hispanics voters. The only way to get them out, is to get them mad. It's disgusting listening to her say that Republicans are intentionally trying to suppress the vote. 

Proving your a citizen so you can vote isn't suppressing the vote, it's stopping voter fraud. Something
democrats count on to win.

Hillary Clinton is fighting for her political life, she will be accusing Christians, White Men, or anyone else who is beginning to see through her mask of deceit. Members of her own party have had enough!

Hillary is no more than a professional liar who breaks the law for personal gain. 

Hillary Clinton is directly responsible for the death of 4 Americans. 

Hillary Clinton is withholding evidence from a Congressional Investigation. 

Hillary Clinton is playing the Race Card!

Hillary Clinton must fade to black...(Exit Stage Left)

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