Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hillary & Hemlock

theodore miraldi. 
Published 4/15/2015

Hillary is the second cup of hemlock needed by the progressives to kill our ailing Republic. Now that Obama has successfully put a substantial number of Americans on the dole and beholding. Hillary with her sleight of hand will find a way to stack more money in her account in the guise of helping the disinfranchised, and the New World Order. 

The Clinton dog and pony show, now assisted by Scooby is talking about scrutinizing political contributions while wanting to amass over 2 billion dollars of other peoples money to get elected.

Does she think the American public is that stupid? Apparently so. 

This is the narrative that the Clintons have perfected. Never admit any wrongdoing, and somehow find the appropriate scape-goat sending her audience on a mind bending journey to nowhere. 

Which is where I will take you now. Nowhere? 

Clinton is a relic of the past, and not a good one at that. What has she actually accomplished on prime time? Zero. Her main position is being born a women, and it's time for a female president. You will never hear a specific policy change that allows friend or, foe to analyze the fine print. Hillary is no more than, what you see is what you get.

An aging member of a flawed administration that was on the verge of impeachment and indictment.

Isn't that what we have right now!

The very survival of this nation rests upon the shoulders of the next Commander In Chief, we have been operating for nearly seven years without one. The decisions about how our nation will be viewed by a violent world could be just one vote away.

Hillary Clinton may very well be the weakest candidate either party has offered to date.

Will we follow the path of wisdom, or the demise of Socrates?

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