Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hillary, If You Don't Like It, Lump It!

theodore miraldi. 
Published 3/10/2015

Hillary Clinton wants to be the Commander in Chief of this nation. Hillary Clinton doesn't want to be held to higher standards than anyone else that works for the government. 

In other words. why are you picking on little ole me, because I'm a woman.

Clinton's explanation of her use of  a private email account

 doesn't make sense. She declares, it was for pure 

convenience, and if could be done over her choices would be

 different. When does doing the rigt thing mean more than

 convenience? Never says the petulant child. 

She claims, the public has no right to know the truth about

 her performance, or intent. The public must be subject to

 what Hillary declares relevant to what is surely public 


This is an argument seeded by an enormous propensity to


The fly in the ointment is her absolute denial to let anyone

 examine the server, and the deleted emails that total nearly

 half of all the emails she says were sent.

This was a well prepared folly preempted by a State

 Department statement regarding Clintons emails.

How convenient again, to wait until State made a statement

 before Clinton took the podium.

Stating that there are emails on this server belonging to ex-

president Bill Clinton will be her fall back position Are we 

next going to here the words, Executive Privilege?

Doing the right thing in the face of scandal is not part of the

 Clintons playbook. Transparency didn't exist in the Clinton

 administration, or their personal dealings. 

Transparency is what this nation needs as much as sound

 policy, considering Obama is shredding the Constitution.

Hillary and Bill Clinton are corrupt, if this was a new behavior

 most might defer. But clearly the Clintons adhere Alinsky's

 mantra, that the ends justifies the means, especially if Hillary

 can be elected. 

This scandal is serious, and shows that the Clintons, like

 Obama think they are above the law.

Hillary's message is, "If you don't like it, lump it!

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