Sunday, July 26, 2015

OpEd: Immigrant Invasion

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

This recent illegal immigrant crisis is nothing more then an a calculated orchestration to reseed
North America with a mentality that has permeated nations, and banana republics south of the Rio Grande. 

Vast parts of the southwest have already been repopulated by Hispanic speaking people. All in all we can calculate an enormous 15-20 million people who do not belong in our nation. Living under the radar on earned cash and paying no taxes. Proud of the fact that they are getting away with
living right under our noses, and thinking either our government is asleep, or we the people are afraid to do anything to ship them home. 

Our politicians use this dysfunction to buy the empathy of foreign nationals, and in turn buying the Hispanic vote. America is not the dream associated by others who have come before, it's now all about getting things for free. Things that Citizens have worked for and the right to expect to be there when needed. 

Our southern border is a joke, illegals by the millions are the proof. Any politician who says otherwise is not a patriot, and believing the lies coming from the democrats about how inhuman we are is ludicrous and insulting. 

The only solution to the outright invasion of our sovereignty is a well guarded border. All of the naysayers who say it can't be done are the same politicians who wish we had no border at all. And make no mistake, these are elected officials on both sides of the aisle who swore an oath to uphold State and Federal Constitutions. 

These men and women need to go home ... for good! 

Plainly put, they are being paid to do a job, they work for us! Why is it becoming more and more evident that they are only working for minority communities, and not for the rest of us. If the law leaves a loophole that is being abused by illegals to gain entry to our nation and busting our treasury, change it now! Demand that our elected officials follow the laws they have written. 

What if the rest of us decide not to obey the laws as well...

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