Sunday, July 26, 2015

Immigration? Where's Obama's Duty & Honor

theodore miraldi
Published 11/17/2014

After the recent defeat of Obama's policies, this president sent a message to the American Public about working with the New Senate to resolve some of the issues that have stopped this nation from moving forward. There he goes again, saying one thing and doing something else! If there is one significant aspect of Obama's personality, it's that he is a liar. 

This is a man that will say whatever is necessary to get what he wants, it is more a sign of an adolescent than a leader. Obama is not a leader of anything needing leadership. Almost every issue he has championed has been well designed by others which makes him a follower. From Gay rights to Immigration and Race he is but the fiddle being played by minority leaders who demand action whether these actions are a benefit of a nation, or just a specific group of people. Obama does not acknowledge the greater part of the majority of Americans.

The hubris, after losing control of both Houses under his tutelage

 and a major swing in confidence in his policies and decision

 making, Obama still operates like a bull in a China shop. These

 behaviors are not logical and are purely political.What is become

 ever more evident is that Obama will be remembered in history as 

the first Black President who willfully and with intent tried to cause

 the collapse of our nation.

Illegals breaking laws for decades by living under the radar is the direct result of a bad choice by the individual, assessing those who require these standards be applied to all should not make those who are citizens enemies. 

Those who demand equal treatment while living under the radar still do not understand the gift of U.S. citizenship.

Obama owes the American people a voice in this immigration mess. Obama needs to act like he is working for us and not the governments on the other side of our southern border.

His dysfunction and lack of taking responsibility for his lack of 

logical actions will forever be his real legacy.

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