Sunday, July 26, 2015

Is this a Record of Competence?

theodore miraldi.

When will the Democrats finally admit that Obama has done more damage to the Country, the Constitution and the World at large than any other administration in our history.

What type of euphoric end is the party of Hope and Change expecting from destroying the economy, the military, public institutions and the trust necessary to run a successful government. What are they standing for, dividing the voters, races, cultures, religions and anything else that tears the fabric of this nation apart. 

Please let us know what this president has done that has had a positive outcome. We have a DOJ headed by Eric Holder another lawless, non-elected official who validates Obama's
circumvention of the Constitution,  himself  found in CONTEMPT of Congress. 

Obama has unilaterally by regulation changed laws written by Congress by executive order. He now runs the nation without consulting both the Senate and the House. These are the same methods used by Dictators and Communists around the world. My question is, why would the democrats want to create a climate that is fostering internal unrest. Obama's Immigration and Criminal Justice regulations are purposely making our country unsafe by releasing violent criminals, and allowing a sea of illegals to cross our borders. 

Obama's regulation of energy will heap a heavy burden on consumers. This administration is by intent trying to over-turn our way of life. Why would any American regardless of party want these policies to be successful. How many more failures will it take for both sides to see the swath of destruction Obama is creating? 

Secret deals, breaking laws and a still failing economy doesn't seem to be enough. Just look at the incompetence of his foreign policy on Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan all now in the hands of militant extremists fueled by elements of Al Qaeda who Obama has called a devastated group of terrorists. 

As the list of scandals grow daily, not at any point has this administration cooperated fully to get at the bottom of who is responsible. This abuse of Executive Power is treasonous. The level of deception is criminal, and with intent to do harm.

No-one in modern history has been wrong about so much! The level of incompetence permeates this entire administration because of the man at the top. Obama's arrogance to admit failure will be paid for by an entire nation. 

The legacy he will leave behind will be looked at as shame. And it's shame on us and both Houses of Congress for allowing this man to lead by fiat. 

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