Sunday, July 26, 2015

Let's all go on vacation!

theodore miraldi.

We have a world on the verge of war, Ebola, a full scale Invasion at our southern border, more Scandals than a soap opera, officials lying to Congress, missing Emails, Spending like a drunken sailor on shore leave, a laughable Recovery hovering at Zero growth, an Ad Hoc presidency, two parties treating each other like contestants on a Reality Show for ratings, a media that has Two Blind Eyes when reporting the news and 5 million jobs short of an ecomony that would show some growth.

 Now tell me, is it Prudent or Responsible for all of our Lawmakers and the Obama to take a vacation right now? It's obvious these people do not take working for us seriuosly even though we sign their paychecks with hard work and committment to this nation.

Lets all disregard the laws, if they can, why can't we? Let's go on vacation!

Here's what I suggest, a full scale, modern day Boston Tea Party. No taxation without representation!
Tell the IRS you lost the email stating you owe Uncle Sam (who might have died in 2012) your hard earned cash.

 The same cash that these lazy lawmakers have no problem lining their pockets with.

Demand that Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and any other official who calls Americans terrorists, unpatriotic, children haters, women haters, hispanic haters and racists not to pass go and forget the 200 dollars WE give you. I don't know about you, but this has gotten to a point beyond laughter. 

We need to act in assertive and measurable ways. What we have is a failure to communicate. We are the power, not Obama, not the Democrats or the Republicans. They are living in our house. Rise up America!

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