Sunday, July 26, 2015

Michael Brown, from choir boy to thug!

theodore miraldi. 

Now comes the truth regarding the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri. This newest choir boy, much like Trayvon Martin acted more like a thug than an innocent victim.

And accompanied by another loudmouth who has turned into a Federal Witness  while having a standing warrant for theft only exemplifies the veracity of dysfunction by these two thugs.

Never mind stealing cigars to roll blunts to smoke weed, but assaulting an officer who stopped him immediately after Brown and his accomplice roughed up the store owner in the commission of a felony. 

Another dumb kid doing what so many others who live in these communities do and get away with. And the onslaught of blame screaming from the mouths of the real racists in this nation. 

Kudos for the police Dept. that waited until the evidence was in to issue the video that damns Brown and our race baiting Attorney General Holder and his Chicago Boss Obama. 

Make no mistake the lost life of a young man is serious business, what's also serious business is the behaviors of young black men who like to disrespect authority especially when it's dressed in blue and has a white face. 

These are the real problems facing many communities across this nation, pandering to the loudest mouths that continue to apply a large egg on the faces of those who jump into the fray based on nothing more then hatred and revenge, two characteristics that separate civil communities from the ghettos. 

Now we will have to listen to the talking heads find another

 reason to look stupid and blame our front line of defense

 against the  ignorance of criminals, and those who make a

 living on the heartache of others.

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