Sunday, July 26, 2015

Never Mind Iran, Don't Trust Obama

theodore miraldi.

Now that the Security Council has voted in favor of the Nuke Deal with Iran, it would take a miracle for this agreement not to be implemented. In putting the stamp of approval on a deal that gives everything to Iran, and little to nothing for the security of the world, Obama has again played his political capital well.

This is not the first, or will it be the last time that Obama has shown the American public his disdain for their will, or the Separation of Power articulated in our Constitution. The Iran Nuke Deal is an Arms Treaty in every way. Congress should have had the final word on its implementation, not Obama, not the UN, and certainly not the Democrats.

Retarding the break-out time is not a win for anyone but Iran. The winding road of inspections and incremental drop in sanctions in a canard by Obama and the Mullahs. The inspection regimen that does not include military institutions is ludicrous, if not laughable. 

Iran will have a Nuke, just like another bad negotiator named Bill Clinton guaranteed one for North Korea.

If Iran, or Obama really wanted this to work, inspections anywhere, at anytime was the first point that had to be agreed upon. Without this, there is no deal!

The 24 day delay on a suspected facility gives Iran nearly a month to announce to the world that they have a Nuke. Then What?

I trust Iran to be, the same Iran they have been for the past 35 years, selling their brand of crazy to anyone who will buy it. When the say Death to America, they mean it. When they say the will annihiliate Israel they mean it. 

We should be relying on common sense and past behaviors on a weapon that could possibly flatten the Middle East, and start a world-wide conflict.

What I don't trust is a president that has, through Executive Memos and Actions taken away the very Freedoms we have spent blood and treasure on.  A president who openly says the Consstitution is flawed, and that only he has the power to change the American experience at home and abroad.

Obama is a certified liar. "You can keep your doctor."  Obama lies to get what he wants! Obama wants to start a world conflict that would render this nation less than what it is, or has been. To the socialists, it's payback time.

Would you trust a liar with the lives of your family. Indeed not. Would you trust a liar to negotiate a Nuke deal with Iran?

European leaders want to do business with Iran, they need Iranian Oil to boost their sagging economies. Cheap energy from Iran is the trump card. The members of the Security Council have no

love for this president, and historial problems with American power. Obama is the dunce they have been waiting for since WW2.

Do you really think Obama will attack Iran if they break this worthless agreement? After the sanctions are dropped, and the billions of dollars start flowing, Iran will inevidably break the deal.

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