Friday, July 17, 2015

Obama Administration Acts Badly

theodore miraldi.

The reaction we get from many Obama Administration officials when questioned about some ill managed, badly conceived, or poorly implemented policy is to act surprised, or just ignorant of the facts. 

Such as; I learned about the issue from watching the news, or not knowing the name of the 32 year old woman gunned down by a Felonious Illegal in San Francisco. 

The only time anyone in this administration gets arrogant, petulant, and slack jawed is when the person or people  asking questions are members of the Republican party, or they are white and successful. Let's face it, only half of the nation is asking real questions, and it isn't the presidents constituents. It's what ill informed people do when you have caught them dead to rights.  

It is painfully clear, that in the past 7 years, Obama caters only to his constituents. This racist, and socially engineered gaggle of crows could care less about uniting our nation or obeying the law.

This Administration favors Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, Transgenders, Women and any other perceived victim of white privilege, the culture that gave them the modern world. 

But look closely, the King of Broken Promises has done little improving the lives of any of these groups.

For instance; the gay marriage fight has alienated people, religion and states against an issue that could have been solved through Civil Unions. In every group that Obama has pleased, he has offended millions of others who are also citizens of this nation.

The arrogance that falls on many of his appointments is driven by some grandiose mentality that whispers, "we are in charge now."

Minority communities do not like to be told that they are doing something wrong.  Beware if you do!

So playing dumb has become the way of not addressing problems we all face. Being able to solve problems is why there is a perception of white privilege. 

Being able to seek outcomes that are positive is not a give in all cultures, or countries, but it's a main contributor to our success.

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