Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Supremes Get Political

theodore miraldi.

This has been an eventful week for the democrats. It just goes to prove that if you fuel the complainers, the whiners the outcasts and people who just shouldn't be here, you can take something that makes perfect sense, lie, obfuscate and, invent a narrative that plays to people who can't spell their last name. and live in the land of crazy because you say it's so.

The Supreme Court finally proved that it has become an arm of party politics by throwing everything they should have learned about analyzing the true meaning of words by inventing new meanings to replace the ones they just didn't like. Such as Mandate, Marriage, Tax and Exchanges even though  there is a clear meaning to each. It's what happens when you appoint men and women to the Court who refuse to tell Congress their beliefs on important issues. And now this nation is beginning to resemble nations that can not control crime, their economy, or who should be shagging who.

I would strongly suggest that no-one get sick before early 2017. ScotusCare is in more jeopardy from repeal now than ever before. Congress now has only one remedy for the destruction of ObamaCare, repeal and replace. Maybe if Congress had proposed a viable alternative the Supreme Court may have ruled differently. 

Trump thumped Mexico with the vitriol that old time politicians had no fear of before the age of  Political Correctness. 

Let's face it Mexico, if the shoe fits...

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