Sunday, July 26, 2015

Obama is a 3rd World Ruler

theodore miraldi
Published 2/18/2015

Obama is operating under Old World methods dressed with Post Modern rhetoric. His psychopathy is that of an African King, or Banana Republic Despot. He is consumed with power and knows little about running a nation. 

Obama uses the same methods he used as a community organizer in Chicago extorting resources from the rich to finance his own tribe of voters and supporters, and punish those he disagrees with, or dislikes.  His main objectives is to punish success, and award failure, even if failure has been self inflicted. His avoidance of speaking the plain truth regarding policy, or its consequences on the public is subversive. 

Obama runs this nation as an arm of the United Nations with all its faults and corruptions. He overlooks the real thinkers and surrounds himself with those who ponder and never take actions that all Americans can rely upon.

Obama is a figment of past rulers who denounced debate and instituted laws by edict. Obama is not a progressive, but a digressive thinker who is fearful of his image on the world arena.

Obama cares little about the tragedies around the world, he spends more time trying to conceal any bad behaviors by people of color( Blacks & Hispanics)and Islamic Terrorists than being an active participant in making the world a better place. His goal is to make the United States a worse place for the achievers so that the under-achievers don't feel the impact of their personal failures. Dumbing down the brightest to accommodate a segment of the population that contributes little and demands retribution.

Obama is but a mere product of his socialization. when liberals demanded perfection and delivered failure. Democrats have for decades controlled education in every major city in this nation, flooding these systems with money they professed to be the reason for failing students. Decades later these same student rank at the bottom of all the data available. Democrats have supported social programs to lift the poor out of poverty, while now poverty is at its worst levels in history. 

Obama uses Immigration to discriminate on other cultures and populations around the world while adhering to quotas for some and opening the flood gates to those who will dilute our nations prosperity.

Obama may appear at face value as a success to some, but those in the know adhere to the facts.

For in the end Obama will be judged by his actions, and not his  empty words.

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