Sunday, July 26, 2015

Obama: What, Me Worry?

theodore miraldi. 

The level of hypocrisy coming from Obama and his Administration is beyond belief. What we are being told by our so-called leaders is that, we cannot effectively eliminate ISIS is Iraq without a newly formulated government. 

When in modern, or ancient history has Iraq had a government that reflects all factors of it population? Obama's narrative about nation building is beyond delusional. How many more millennium are we going to wait before we pull the trigger on the greatest threat the world has seen since Nazi Germany. Obama's talking heads are unified still in blaming the Republicans for every ill the nation is facing.

Evoking a narrative so inane labeling the entire Republican party and it's objectives for the nation as political. Funny coming from a president and party that thrives on identity politics to stay in power. 

Obama has successfully politicized the IRS. EPA, DOJ and every other alphabet agency of the Federal government. Obama is more suited to being the president of the UN, than of the United States. 

Obama is the modern day Alfred E. Newman who keeps on saying, What, Me Worry?

No policy, no strategy, no clue!

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