Sunday, July 26, 2015

Obama's Crusade

theodore miraldi.
Published 2/6/2015

Like many modern day progressives, the revision of History is yet another way to accomplish what they wish to perceive as social justice, whether it is based on actual fact, or not.

Obama's latest convoluted view of History again take the heat off the truth regarding Islamist Terrorism around the world. This falls within the same ludicrous announcements by those seeking some credibility for dysfunctional cultures and societies trying to create  platform validity through interpretation and not accepted beliefs. 

After all, the entire Koran is no more than a rewriting of Jewish and Christian Scripture. These same assertions are just as fantastic as Jesus is black. Ridiculous assumptions. When the "Other" in many societies and cultures get their chance they invariably use this crib sheet modality.

I have often said, that Obama's worst enemy is what comes out of his own mouth, not Republicans, the Tea Party, or Fox News. Obama's cognizant dissonance is so jaded to his perceptions of victimization that he can not help himself from verbalizing absurdities regarding what the world knows to be falsehoods and untruths. Hence when he doesn't care to tell the truth his alternate reality kicks in.

We have witnessed this so often, that Obama has become a joke within his own circle and party. His assertions regarding boiler plate issues and grievances are so far left that even Lenin would blush.

Obama is no more than a radical on a soap box.

Must we remind the hypocites about the democrats policies that supported Jim Crow, Slavery, and the Ku Klux Klan.

Let him keep talking.

theodore miraldi


Crusades Basics: What You Need to Know About the Crusades

Definition of a "Crusade":
The medieval "Crusade" was a holy war. For a conflict to be officially considered a Crusade, it had to be sanctioned by the pope and conducted against groups seen as enemies of Christendom.
Initially, only those expeditions to the Holy Land (Jerusalem and associated territory) were considered Crusades. More recently, historians have also recognized campaigns against heretics, pagans and Muslims in Europe as Crusades.
 How the Crusades Began:
For centuries, Jerusalem had been governed by Muslims, but they tolerated Christian pilgrims because they helped the economy. Then, in the 1070s, Turks (who were also Muslim) conquered these holy lands and mistreated Christians before realizing how useful their good will (and money) could be. The Turks also threatened the Byzantine Empire. Emperor Alexiusasked the pope for assistance, and Urban II, seeing a way to harness the violent energy of Christian knights, made a speech calling for them to take back Jerusalem. Thousands responded, resulting in the First Crusade.

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