Sunday, July 26, 2015

Obama's War Strategy...Semantics

theodore miraldi.
Published 1/28/2015

\As we sit and opine Obama's failures in both domestic and foreign policy our nation and the world continues to become more violent. There appears to be bad actors around every corner, and although we have more academics, the so called teachers of truth, are no telling the truth. 

While Islamic terrorists strike here, and abroad Obama refuses to identify the enemy, and commands everyone working under his tutelage to play word games with the public. His main thrust in foreign policy is to refuse to tell us the truth, and in doing so insults our intelligence. This insult doesn't stop there, he levels the same inaccurate mumbo jumbo to professionals as well.

The only label that seems to roll of the lips of Obama and his supporters is to identify people as racist. Even though he surrounds himself with minority appointments (victims) who have an ax to grind. No salient policy ever emerges. Where is the understanding that comes with leadership?

Obama and his JV team act like scared children who would rather leave an active wasp nest hanging at the front door. 

The behaviors being displayed are based in fear and being manifested
by lies and distortions. Pure propaganda. Is there anything this administration has told the truth about?

In a recent statement by Former DIA Chief Michael Flynn categorizes Obama's war on Islamic Terrorism as leaderless. He states, 'the administration is unwilling to admit the scope of the problem.'

'They want us to think that our challenge is dealing with an undefined set of violent extremists or merely lone-wolf actors with no ideology or network. But that’s just not the straight truth,' said Flynn. “Our adversaries around the world are self-described Islamic militants—they say,'

Not only is it confusing the intelligence community, but the lack of focus to take the necessary steps has alienated our allies.

Flynn described the enemies arrayed against the U.S. as varied, but 'fueled by a vision for worldwide domination, achieved through violence and bloodshed. They want to silence all opposition. They hate our ideals and they hate our way of life.'

So while Islamists Terrorists kill innocent men, women and children of many religions in many other countries, Obama the Leader of the Free World utters nonsense.

Excepts taken from The Daily Beast.

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