Sunday, July 26, 2015

OpEd: America's Dark Age?

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theodore M I R A L D I.
Published July 26, 2015

When we peer into present day chaos that has exploded in every corner of the world, is it time to look into the causes that have triggered the lack of personal responsibility in our lives?

Our instinctual behaviors dictate the will and tendency to run wild and free unhampered by government, social and religious constructs. The paradox of progress moving forward seems more and more like some elemental truth that actually holds us back. 

Rationality needs to be balanced by opposing theories to be rational. What we have today is an explosion of extremism which has been portrayed as Political Correctness and Tolerance. Would we allow the beasts of prey to roam free disassociating ourselves from the consequences? Should we allow those same instincts to unravel our integrated societies and cohesive behavioral norms?

We are in dangerous times when the ruling species of this planet cease to rule with integrity and common interest. For one to not acknowledge the lessons of human history as instrumental to the well being of the human experience is to turn a blind eye to reason. 

In order to self examine we must accept certain moral concepts that have tamed the savage within. Such as taking innocent life with impunity in our times is equal to the way man lived in ancient times when life itself had little value. 

The code of human behavior has been well chronicled, we should be able to easily ascertain what is good, and what is evil. What helps, and what hurts. It's not being judgemental, it's knowing our limitations and building a better life.

And some will call this progress and tolerance.

This nation is facing what was called the Dark Ages in Europe. When the lives of millions were turned back in time to illiteracy and savagery. Try telling a wild animal to obey. Hopefully we will be 
enlightened once more.

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