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OpEd: Illegal Aliens. UNGRATEFUL...Undeserving

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M I R A L D I.

Published 10/13/2014

As I peruse the headlines in dozens of publications everyday, I rarely come across stories of illegal aliens turning themselves in just because they want to do the right thing. Mind you this may
seem a silly premise considering the nature of this issue.

Who wouldn't want a better life for themselves, or their children. How many wouldn't traverse the globe to finally be free of suppression and poverty.

Any freedom loving American certainly must understand that desire. And that's where the minds of responsible people, and those who break our laws to gain access to housing, food, education and medical care part. There are many, not all who believe in their troubled souls that our treasure, and way of life belongs to them by default. Using words that divide while asking to become part of the greatest experiment in human, social history.

What must they be thinking?

The United States of America is the most generous and caring nation in the world. This nation helps more people in more nations than the combined nations of the world. And yet, they say we are racist, uncaring, prejudice and a host of other negative things. The United States has made the lives of billions of people across the globe a safer and more fulfilling experience.

So when I read the headlines and hear no gratitude I lose my optimism and wonder why. My question to the 15-20 million illegals now living in this nation? We have allowed you to stay, we have taken care of your children, we have fed them, clothed them, educated them and loved them.

Is it too much to ask to be grateful, act in a peaceful manner, and obey the law. Showing respect for a nation, and a people who have created the opportunity you might not have earned is the right thing to do.

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