Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Press Reports the Left with Invisible Ink

theodore miraldi.

As if Hillary Clinton hadn’t already created a firestorm on Capital Hill with her initial testimony on Benghazi when she quipped, “What difference does it make” in an angry condescending manner regarding the death of 4 Americans on her watch.

Now she is faced with possible criminal charges regarding her deleted, government owned information on a non-governmental server. And if that were all, she might have skated by making believe she has complied with whatever her understanding of classified means, or that she handed in 55,000 pages of junk, and that it is old news.Never mind the additional 30,000 emails that were deleted after a Congressional Subpoena was issued. 

She's been getting away with it with a little the help  from her friends in the Liberal Press.  The Hammer and Sickle boys and girls, that love to crucify Republicans for the mere uttering of words used by Liberals at will and dysfuctioan communities. 'Let them eat cake' never spoken by Marie Antoinette is the narrative of Clinton and cohorts. 

Let’s be clear, we were being governed by the have-nots who have historically never taken responsibility for their own behaviors, so what do you expect.Free Sex, Free Abortion and now all the Free Stuff hard working Americans are forced to pay for. And why, because those with weak personal narratives want to be liked.

Add to the hysteria, the numerous revelations about our Institutions
taking positions harmful to American Citizens.

Where is the Hell Fire from the Press?  Woodward and Bernstein revealed Nixon’s 18 minute gap in his Presidential tape about a break in at a hotel. A Crook, but honorable Nixon stepped down.

Recent revelations by two bipartisan IG’s that Clinton had classified information on a non-government server doesn’t raise a whisper, or the fury of the pen. Allowing the FBI to investigate itself is just as ludicrous as any organization with enormous Power and Resources to do likewise. The IRS, DOJ and mostly the Intelligence Community.

Documents just released now show there was a massive cover-up being perpetrated by the Obama government, to lie when questioned about illegal activity, or just ignore any requests for documentation.

The was a lawless government from Top to Bottom.

The behavior of the democrats and the left sets forth standards of psychology long ago deemed inappropriate, unhealthy, and counter to integrated socialization and community unity.

These are the tactics within Socialist handbooks memorized by the left throughout the world.

What we had was a Community Dis-organizer, who was so incompetent, that he surrounded himself with incompetence to deflect his direct responsibility for the corruption.

I tip my hat to the idiots that voted for a man with no history because he was Black.

I congratulate those who think free stuff is what a great nation is built on. Enjoy it while you can! The free ride is coming to an end.

But for those who truly believe in Freedom, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness defined in our Constitution, I say, it would seem we have lost the battle as reported by the New York Times.

The Protected Press is no longer protecting us!

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