Sunday, July 26, 2015

Protesters of Privilege

theodore miraldi. 

The shameful exhibit of the mindless mobs who by no means of their own have been either, born into the greatest nation in human history, or have joined the masses like thieves in the night. They have neither the respect for the two assassinated officers, nor themselves. 

This cancer that has slowly found enough dysfunctional thinkers to upset the lives of normal individuals is an effort to solidify a sad narrative based solely on perceived victimization by either

our institutions, or by white privilege. 

Not willing, or capable of admitting that whites have earned this so-called privilege through science, and by reaching out to help those less fortunate.

If white privilege actually existed it might very well round up the disenfranchised. the illegal, and put an end to the mayhem. 

What white privilege has done is give those among us the opportunity to have a better life though perseverance and hard work. There is no guarantee anyone will be successful.

What we are seeing on the streets of this nation is the mimic of rioting around the world by the ignorant who rather protest than open an honest dialog, and prefer to act in a manner that existed before the modern age. 

This herd of sheep have been stirred by the gunfire of antagonists who profit from the chaos leaving nothing behind but devastation.

Rather than embrace proven methodologies for success they fall back on instinctual behaviors, when man was more of a beast than a philosopher, when we lived in caves instead of cities. 

This lack of awareness has crippled humanity in the past, and after all, history repeats.

This is the last ditch effort by a segment of the population who are slowly becoming irrelevant, and are frightful of a future they have given little to insure. Their time has come and gone.

These are the benefactors of ... make war, not love!

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