Sunday, July 26, 2015

Road Runner to Coyote: We will let you keep the Dynamite

theodore miraldi. 
Published 4/3/2015

What's coming out of the Obama administration regarding Iran's nuclear ambitions defies logic.

Here's why;

Iran has the second largest oil reserve in the region, and the largest natural gas reserve.

Iran in all good conscience needs nuclear energy like Alaska needs ice.

Iran over the decades is a sworn enemy of Israel and the United States. Repeating promises to wipe Big Satan, and Little Saton off the map.

Iran is the chief antagonist in the Arab world supporting terrorism in at least 5 countries with arms, and training.

Iran is devoloping the technology to built ICBM's capable of carrying warheads around the world. Is this for peace, energy, or to attack its enemies.

Iran continues to have military excercises in the region sinking mock U.S. warships.

Iran continues to use inflammatory language chanting "Death to America." 

Iran continues to hold U.S. citizens in jail on mock charges.

Iran has repeatedly lied and broken deals in the past regarding its nuclear ambitions.

Iran has already publically derided the essence of the framework as non-negotiable, stating nuclear
profeciency is no-ones business but Irans.

Iran has Obama and Kerry on the ropes with the International community by being too soft, and not willing to carry the Big Stick to an already aggressive Iran.

Nowhere in these negotiations has Israel been asked to attend, although Israel has the most to lose.

This is just another case of Obama hugging our enemies and abandoning our allies.

No agreement is the only solution. Giving in to Iran means WW3.

Road Runner to Coyote: "Be Careful Not To Blow Yourself Up!"

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