Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Adolescent President

theodore miraldi. 

In an age when the horror of war inflicts pain across many

 borders the world is

 being punished with an American President more inclined to

 party with

 Basketball Players, Celebrities, and have a propensity to be

 distracted by shiny


Obama's sophomoric approach to a World on Fire is another

 round of golf.

 Obama's presidential perks alone  would make a billionaire

 blush while 

Americans are unemployed. His limp wrist foul shot doesn't 

make him Lebron

 James, his vocal ability pales in contrast to Jay-Z. Obama is

 self indulgent and

 prone to false perceptions. It's how he has gotten elected.

These are the same dysfunctional personality traits Obama

 displayed in his

 narcissistic quest towards the presidency over 6 years ago.

 His lack of maturity

 and true critical thinking has helped spawn a new worldwide

 threat by Radical

 Islam.  Obama has raised the policy failure bar. It's painfully

 evident that a

 Harvard education alone doen't make you a Varsity player.

 Obama was never

 First String to begin with.

With no re-election to worry about this slow footed prez is

 reverting back to his

 natural state. a giddy child-like caricature of an adult.

 Obama's manhood is

 defined by the people he associates with. He is never in the

 trenches rallying the

 troops, he prefers either to finesse, or send in the drones.

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