Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Clintons' Truth

theodore miraldi.
Published 3/8/2015

Bill and Hillary Clinton have been doing things their own way for quite some time. Their Triangulation of every issue moves the spotlight away from the facts to divert the truth. This mode of operating has been well documented for decades. So why are we so surprised by this new scandal involving the Clintons. After all Clinton scandals set the bar for modern day corruption in government.

The fact is the Clintons never trusted Obama, and it has been overtly obvious Obama feels the same regarding the Clintons. Obama may have been insulted by Bill's 'First Black President' logo. 

Obama gave Clinton her job as Secretary of State to keep the Clintons in line after wrestling the nomination from Hillary. 

Who couldn't figure out that Foreign Affairs would have disastrous results because of this uneasy alliance. The Clintons don't like to lose, especially to a novice.

I believe the Clintons enveloped in their distrust of Obama set up their private email account to protect Hillary from the fate that awaits many of Obama's former supporters. Obama throws people under the bus, so Hillary set out to protect her ego driven desire to become the first female president.

A marriage made in hell that has cost many in its wake to lose their lives around the world. The elite

progressives who vomit equality with every speech have no real regard for Life, Liberty, or the pursuit for Happiness. We are in an age where personal satisfaction has become the priority of many of our leaders.

No longer servants of the public, but servants of personal greed.

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