Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Criminal Mind of Obama

theodore miraldi. 
Published 10/15/2014

I have often stated  that the Obama Administration is actually a Criminal Enterprise instead of a legitimate government working to Preserve, and Protect the Constitution or the American Public.

We are in dire times because of this administration's rogue 

policies in part mimicking FDR's New Deal. Obama has

created a new policy paradigm called the Raw Deal. 

Obama's methodology is no different than a common criminal

always looking for a way to avoid being caught doing

something unlawful. Keep in mind the intent is

always some form of gratification or adulation by either a 

group of voters, followers, or for that matter gang members.

Each of these groups find it easy to shirk personal

responsibility for the cause, or the take. There are just too 

many similarities to discount this assessment. And who do

 the criminals recruit? 

Low information, uneducated followers who have

everything to gain and nothing to lose. 

There is an oath of secrecy that is imperative to attain a goal,

not otherwise attainable by normal means, ex. the Obama-

Care vote. 

The Obama Administration operates in secrecy, not even

consulting members of its own party. It makes deals through

the Justice Department with those who get caught

breaking the law, ex. Lois Lerner. 

The proof of criminal behaviors are the lies, the half truths

and the astounding belief that all that goes bad in the nation

and around the world is learned through the media.

If you truly want your country back, go to the polls and return

the Senate to the Adults. Men and Women who spend less

time catering to the crybabies. We need to restore the

opportunities by creating jobs and having a government that

has the respect of all Americans....

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