Friday, July 24, 2015

The Evil Of Planned Parenthood

theodore miraldi.

The repugnant videos regarding Planned Parenthoods' active participation in selling body parts of aborted children should sent a chill through the Lefts Flawed Morality. Their ongoing participation in bidding wars on prices of specific specimens is in essence selling tissue and organs for profit. This is against the law and criminal! Their rationalizations are just lies to enhance their profits and deflect the truth.

Like all narratives on the left, there are perks to those who adhere to their missions. Profit. For the first time women are seeing PP for what they really are, a Killing Machine with profits from the death of the unborn. This is a no longer a partisan issue. These revelations break the trust between PP and their patients, by changing the proscribed medical procedure in order to harvest body parts.

What has the human experience evolved to that this could even be happening. Are we no better than lesser nations that have no respect for life?

It's hard for this nation to project moral superiority around the world when we abuse the rights of the unborn by wholesale abortion( nearly 60 million since Roe v Wade) and the sale of those sacrificed by those who feel choice begins only after making mistakes. In a nation that has a party that constantly espouses the rights of the individual, and with the same breathe supports the extermination of creation on command.

No matter what your religious belief, or personal philosophy we have devolved to a time when respect for life didn't exist. Are we no more than an insatiable good time, and collectors of wealth?

And anything that gets in the way of our personal desires will be overcome no matter the cost to the innocent and at risk populations.

The words passed down through generations regarding good behavior has always demanded we become better than we are. Is the extermination of future generations becoming better?

I hear the left demand the end of wars, while all the while they wage a war against life itself. 

Planned Parenthood now receives billions of dollars from the Federal Government. A prudent first step would be to interrupt the free cash until full disclosure, and  Federal Investigations get to the bottom of this Holocaust type behavior. 

This all sounds to me like Dr Mengele, and not America.

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