Sunday, July 26, 2015

OpEd: RETRO, The FAILURE of Modern Day Multi-Culturism

theodore miraldi.
Published 1/10/2015

When did our leaders decide to give our nation away to any and all dysfunctional cultures just by virtue of crossing our borders? How many French citizens are disgusted by the thought of No-Go zones that are now in the control of those who do not want to assimilate into the fabric of France?

The world has learned a painful, yet obvious message delivered by the messengers of death, the so-called righteous followers of militant Islam. It is not foreign to the thought of progressive liberals; Do as we say, not as we do. If you don't adhere to what we want, we will retaliate.

In a country that has embraced Freedom and Equality, there are those who wish to curtail our Freedoms and treat us with disrespect. 

Modern day Multi-Culturism is a failure. 

Those who resurrect our founding principals and apply them to those who believe America is Evil are the antagonists to a fallen nation. The immigrants of today are motoivated to change our nation. 

This nation is at a crossroads, we can either give this nation away to the marginal, uneducated, poor and unwilling to assimilate, or we can work toward a logical approach to preserve what so many have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure. 

We must stand together, those of different race, creed and religion to rebuild a nation of friends and neighbors, not a nation of  dysfunctional cultures that hate our nation and beliefs.

We need to move away from the ridiculous assumptions that promote division and tie the hands of law by proclamation. We must return to a nation of laws that must be adhered to by all, and especially by those in power. 

The delusions of Utopia through social engineering has been tried and failed many times before. 

We survive through strength and unity, not by fear!

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