Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Risk of War

theodore miraldi.

The Obama administration is purposely putting the citizens of this nation at risk from every bad actor in the world. Much to his ridiculous world view plays into the motives of nations that would relish in our collapse.

 Russia is at the top of the list, followed by Iran, North Korea and the all imposing Chinese economy and military. Some if not all of these nations have nuclear weapons, and the will to use them against the United States. Putin is a master at International intrigue and patiently waited for a time such as this. He knows Obama is too feeble to act.

We have a president in love with the Tele-Prompter and the sight of himself, but has little love for this cou8ntry, or its people. Take nearly any issue facing us and Obama is on the wrong side. He speaks out against those who use facts regarding Muslims, yet sits idly by while Muslims murder Christians and Jews. 

He sits by while Isis devastates the Middle East creating a possible terrorist nation to launch the next 911. How can one man be on the wrong side of America's interests and it not by intent?

 Obama has added 7 trillion dollars to our debt so your children's children will be buried in debt. He's promoted entitlements by not demanding Americans take responsibility
for their lives, his policies alone have nearly ended the middle class. 

He is more willing to give America's treasure to Illegal Aliens.

The lofty words and ideals of this president will yield the same results as before. Promising people hope through government slavery cripples the human spirit with fear.

Ask yourself, are you safer now, are you providing for your family's future? Has hope become a distant dream of a once Exceptional nation?

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