Sunday, July 26, 2015

OpEd: The Sacking of America

theodore miraldi.

The cancer of urban incompetence will be the death of our 

future. Urban America can not survive without massive

 redistribution of tax dollars in its present form. There are few

 cities in our nation that are thriving as they did in the early 

modern era of our nation.

 And here's why. PEOPLE! Not just any people, but the

 people who have now become generational dependent on

 government handouts. In the past the majority of poor 

people were US citizens either deprived of equal opportunity,

or families that resided in economic and educational 


The dependency rate has steadily increased to well over 

300% since 1962.

The untenable situation has been coming to a head with the

collapse of Local and State economies. Who will continue to

provide the taxes that support the Bureaucracy and its 


The real problem has been exacerbated by bad national

 policy and the criminal elements within the bureaucracy.

We are now being ruled by an underclass of un-elected

officials who are loyal only to political outcomes and power.

These bureaucrats are responsible to no-one as we are

seeing by a daily drip of scandals coming out of the Obama


The Obama Administration refuses to enforce Federal

Immigration Law. We are now expected to care for illegals

from cradle to grave. A population of poor, unskilled and 

uneducated immigrants will not add to prosperity.

The erosion of trust in government is at an all time low.

Institutions that were the pinnacle of good government has

fallen to the Lois Lerners and Eric Holders.

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