Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kate Steinle: Her Life Mattered

theodore miraldi.

I support Bill O'Reilly's efforts on Kate's Law to give Illegals a Mandatory 5 year Federal prison term for re-entering the country.  

It's odd that the Holder DOJ filed a suit with Mexico against Arizona for trying to implement Federal Immigration Laws. 

There is criminal complicity with Illegals and our Rogue Federal government that needs to be stopped. 

Why would Illegals follow laws that our government actively promotes breaking.

What I also proposed is that any city that harbors Illegals get

 cut off from Federal Funds. If the Feds want to punish

 everyday citizens, it shouldn't have a problem enforcing laws

 against Illegals. It's their job! Congress needs to fix this now!

Let's be clear, the people coming over the border are committing a Federal Crime. Each and Every one of them! Why are we rewarding them with proposals of legal residency? The democrats are trying to change the demographic of our nation to steer future election toward democrats.

I also propose, that any Illegal re-entering the country after deportation face additional problems on their side of the border. I suggest any immediate family member be barred from entering the nation for a 10 year period as well. 

Illegals don't respect our nation, or its citizens, maybe some heat from their own will change the behaviors that promote breaking our laws. 

The Obama Administration is a lawless government. They propose and actively work against Americans with impunity.

This is purposeful with the intent of stripping some citizens of their rights, while giving the undeserving, entitlements through Judicial Over-Reach. 

Sanctuary Cities are Illegal and subvert the Common Good. 

We are putting our children at risk. 

Shouldn't they be more important than Common Criminals!

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