Sunday, July 26, 2015

There's No Free Lunch with Obama

theodore miraldi. 
Published 11/7/2014

Gathering your enemies for a feast is nothing new. Leaders in days of old would use this ruse to poison  local opposition and leaders of other tribes and nations. Obama, often called the leader of the world is but the leader of a tribe of corrupt liars who would rather vanquish their enemies than sit down and negotiate a peace. 

Hemlock and lies is what Obama has used to this date. Anyone who thinks this man will change his ways knows nothing about the Obama psychopathy. His rules of engagement are beautiful to watch, weaving a web of promises to his guests, but no less deadly than the bite of the  Black Widow spider.

A question for the simple minded, may be; has Obama lied to you before? So for all the theater and ceremony the sum of this free lunch will result in absolutely nothing. The newly elected leaders of this government must be sensible and stand firm. Obama's prom queen methodology is over. It's time for honorable men and women to fix what's broken with, or without Obama.

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