Sunday, July 26, 2015

There's a Terrorist in the White House

theodore miraldi.
Published 1/15/2015

Before one can understand why Obama seems to be the antithesis of a good leader, one needs to examine the snippets of facts that we do know about the man. Obama is not a mainstream thinker, or an enlightened teacher. He toils between the cracks of civility in his need to prove anyone in authority inferior to his narratives. 

In his mind the so-called experts on most matters are behind his new world views. It doesn't matter that his views have been tried and failed by others for centuries. He feels that he has the answers, and that anyone who opposes him is an enemy that needs to be somehow vanquished.

Obama came from a dysfunction family that co-mingled Anti-Colonialism with Black power. His arrogance has been well honed because of his personal accomplishments within communities that are ripe with fear and ignorance. It's why Obama always seems to be more comfortable with oppressors, dictators and all that is wrong with the human spirit. 

Instead of embracing the system that has given him, his achieved status, he still is entrenched within his ascribed status. His thinking denotes a wounded, subdued ego that constantly questions his real status, whether it is questioned by others, or validated he is still  mired within his uncomfortable psychopathy. 

It is why he surrounds himself with those who come from the same mold. And no matter the outrage, he stands by his closest allies regardless of the outcome of their folly.

Obama is more like the rioters, than the intellectuals.

He understands the lessons  of the ghetto, and the power it promotes. It's why he never changes him mind, in his mind confession is s sign of weakness. He rarely listens as a student, his mentality is always looking for a caveat to subvert a better idea, or smarter adversary.

In light of Charlie Hebdo this president, the leader of the Free World releases terrorists right after the Paris massacre. 

Obama is no patriot.

We have a Terrorist in the White House.

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