Monday, July 27, 2015

Trump ... Kingmaker?

theodore miraldi.

 If  Donald Trump has any positive effect upon the upcoming presidential election it is schooling the others on how to win. Trump is a New Age thinker with a set of skills rarely seem in politics. He is a consummate professional, and he's painfully honest.

He loves this country more than he loves politics, and make no mistake, he would stand toe to toe with Putin and the like without reservation, guarding our Freedoms and Preserving this Republic.

This nation needs a Trump-like figure of American Success to find its way into the 21st century. Whether you like him or not,  Romney has the same quality. Smart, driven and committed to be the best.

These are the visions that build greatness. Success breeds success, failure breeds despair.

Which would you aspire to?

This nation has nearly succumbed to the constant drilling of the left, telling us that we are no longer special, no longer exceptional. What the left doesn't tell you, is that they are responsible for this decline in the American Spirit.

Whether Trump is your personal choice is irrelevant at this point in time. Trump is the only candidate poking the establishment with its failures, telling them, and the American Public that they shouldn't accept the false premise that incompetence is something to strive toward.

We now can clearly see the result of failed policies and their affect on this nation. We can now see what incompetence does when allowed to run free within our political system.

Let me make this clear, if Trump does not become the next King, he can surely be the next King Maker by supporting the Republic nominee, whoever that may be.

His  support, and supporters could put the Republicans over the top!

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