Sunday, July 26, 2015

Want to Defeat Isis? Send in Sharpton

theodore miraldi. 

I still find it to be my duty to watch this Beat-Around-the-Bush president serve up the same watered down dribble that changes nothing on the ground here, or the badlands of the Middle East and Ukraine.

His intellectual assessment about putting the cart before the horse is the analogy I used about Obama before his run for the presidency prior to the 2008 election. No real experience, and sketchy credentials, 

The level of his incompetence has even surprised the NY Times. After failed policies in Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Iran. Obama and his band of merry golfers still have no clue about world affairs, or a strategy to combat a world spinning out of control. And seriously, should anyone be surprised. 

His speeches are riddled with the same rhetoric we continually hear from Obama and the entire Democrat party. Looking for the silver bullet while looking through a pair of progressive social glasses hasn't fixed the economy, created enough jobs, or calmed civil unrest in Ferguson. Issis is a real threat to freedom around the world. 

What will our version of Neville Chamberlain do when we are again faced with another 911.

History we dictate the need for a looming figure to fix all that obama has unraveled.

Want to defeat Isis, Obama should send in Sharpton. At least he has a strategy.

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