Sunday, July 26, 2015

When Government Becomes a Bully

theodore miraldi. 
Published 10/29/2014

Now is the time to reflect on what the Obama Administration has done to make your life better, or possibly worse. The coming midterm elections will finally give the American Public
the opportunity to change the way this administration has blatantly disregarded the will of the people for the will of the few.

Now is the time to return the nation to a more sane and common sense approach to the Common Good by representatives who actually believe in our Constitution, and the Rule of Law.

America has been hijacked by a government that preaches sanctimonious idioms that bare little or no fruit. 

The dynamics of Obama's Raw Deal has been pushed down our throats by those who have no good intention. 
Creating a welfare state instead of creating a state of growth plays badly to individual success and harmony. 

Now is the time to rid this nation of a Senate Leader who single-handily killed over 300 Bills from the Keystone Pipeline, Tax Reform and Job Creation initiatives. 

Now is the time to get government out of your personal lives once and for all!

The American Dream has literally been bullied by an Administration filled with socialists and social engineering professors who believe they, and not you, know what is best for your family.

Espousing liberty for Illegal Aliens while trampling on your Ist Amendment Rights. 

Rendering election results on State issues from Gay Marriage, Voter ID's and Immigration null and void with the stroke of a pen. 

Telling you, your vote, and voice mean nothing!

Now is the time to send a message to the hate mongers, race baiters and their supporters that this great nation will no longer tolerate the mass corruption and abuse, the scandals and lies, the in-effectual  novices that just can't get anything right.

Now is the time to restore the meaning of citizenship, honor and duty!

Get out and Vote!

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