Saturday, July 18, 2015

Why Obama Refuses To Say Radical Islamic Terrorism

theodore miraldi.

It may not be for the reason you think.

Obama has some deep rooted psychological issues that had taken control of his personal narrative and his political ideology. It may not be for the reasons one might expect.

We are all products of our early childhood environment, the places we live, the people around us, and at this early stage our parents. And although we know little regarding Obama Sr., what we do know is that he was a Muslim, as was the presidents grandfather.

While living in Indonesia at the ages 6-10 Obama attended school as a Muslim, and attended prayer
meetings with his stepfather LoLo Soetoro. In 2007, his third grade teacher told the LA Times that
Obama attended school as a Muslim.

Early childhood influences have enormous psychological implications throughtout our adult lives.
In Obama's case these influences have been etched in his psyche and coupled with abandonment issues which are equally important to his character development, and belief systems.

Abandoned children have a tendency to idealize the missing parent. In Obama's case there were two
missing father figures, both of whom were Muslims.

During this stage children learn basic steps of socialization, In almost all situations children play with
others who are like themselves, surroundings become familiar, people look and act the same.

Obama in good conscience, can not, and will not, say the words that the rest of us know to be true... Radical Islamist Terrorism.

His sense of personal rejection created a false personal narrative to respect Islam. His apology tour bowing to the Saudi King is a concrete manifestation of this narrative. 

Religion is one of the most powerful influences on human beings. Obama rarely attends services, he never speaks out about the thousands Christians being slaughtered by Muslims, although he claims to be a Christian.

The loss has made Obama super sensitive to others like himself. These self identifying characteristics compel him to associate his narrative with the Treyvon Martins, and Michael Browns, not those he might consider the other, such as his mother, or grandparents. His book Dreams of My Father is but a sad essay of the relationship he never could realize.

This delusional self identification carries with it a multitude of paradoxes. And although Obama has accomplished much, he can only feel the success by intimidating those around him that do not agree with his reality. This ever existing threat of loss makes him appear to be ever vigilant on issues that are flawed.

Like many children of one parent, and broken homes, Obama is missing the object permanence young children must attain to feel safe. He feels his safety is hinged upon something he can never have, the love that his Muslim fathers never gave him. 

His acceptance that the Muslim faith is somehow noble, and superior prevents him from assessing any negative aspects of Islam, and attaching it to Terrorism.

In doing so,  he is preserving a fantasized relationship that never could be.

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  1. Obama is America's worse mistake. Placed in office thru Fraud.