Sunday, August 30, 2015

America: The Enemy Within

theodore miraldi.

We suffer a far greater collapse from the evil that has crept into our social systems than from any enemy outside our borders. What we have is nearly a total breakdown in social systems and the order of law.

There are now vast segments of our population that refuse to adhere to the silent oath of citizenship and civility. It is one thing to accept multi-culturism and respect others, what we are seeing are the effects of an assault on our institutions and the norms that most Americans cherish.

Our national will is being eroded by lawlessness in the streets and in the highest political offices.

The bizarre behaviors and decisions being made by our leaders are un-necessarily making life harder, not easier in spite of the rhetoric, and outright lying. How many more times must we endure elected officials denying wrongdoing in order to run out the clock on issues, like Obama and Clinton do as a matter of fact.

How long in the face of evidence must we wait for remedies, and solution to problems that have relatively simple solutions. When will the purveyors of hate and division finally take their medicine
and admit the truth.

In 1970 Alvin Toffler wrote Future Shock, making a salient point regarding Information Overload and our inability to analyze and integrate information at the speed in which it is created. How many would be left behind never to recover, or keep up. It seems to be following Orwell's 1984 masterpiece published in 1949 on Big Brother giving us a glimpse of what we would face if everyday life were run by Big Government, or Corporations.

 Are we facing the future, or looking into our past one more time?


  1. This is caused by our dysfunctional Educational system! Thousands of educational leftist and bureaucrats with unions have total control of America's Education! We have been duped by liberals for 5 generations as we have been taken over from within! We are now the truly stupid American's and I hope Trump or Carson have the strength to cause change?

  2. As we continue to turn our backs on the source of all blessing, so goes our society which can be witnessed by the loss of liberty and the steady increase of lawlessness. What we see happening is merely the symptoms of our own depravity, for the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Jesus is the only way, the only hope.