Sunday, August 2, 2015

America's Downward Spiral

theodore miraldi.

May I elucidate the core reasons that has created the downward spiral this nation is facing. Although there have been numerous social advantages to the Women's Movement, it hasn't come without some core negatives to American Culture, and Society. No one should deny a woman to rise above the economic stagnation that has done our nation a dis-service. But, who are the victims now?

Although I am a staunch supporter of women's individual rights, I am also a supporter of the nuclear family and the positive outcomes of children from two parent households. These are difficult times, we must work together to find a new balance.

One must truly understand the importance of early childhood development in the maturation of a socialized community whose primary function is integration and personal development.

Raising children minus strong maternal influences would akin to fixing your car with a hammer and a screwdriver.

The social tools we are given has been from our mothers. Let's face it, women  have always had the most important job on this planet ... child rearing. Outside of genetic anomalies, children generally mimic their parents.

Sounds simple? Not in a world of self centered, individualized thinking.

Women have historically built our communities.

So what went wrong?

Everything and Nothing.

Men have been the engineers of nations, and are problem solvers to a fault. Men see logical solutions by narrowing the playing field of variables and opinions. 

On the other hand, women are consensus builders, using their unique social skills to find solutions that may have different outcomes. And on the surface this may appear advantageous in small groups, when initiated outside the group it presents

potential avenues of disagreement. Some so diverse, the original problem my become indistinguishable.


This is a young nation, what took thousands of years for some nations to address (although slavery still exists) the new political modality to divide and conqueror has created mass disenchantment between racial groups. Political awareness created a atmosphere of unity in the past. Political unity has stratified this nation by identity.


Teachers have always been the stewards we entrusted to educate our children. Urban Culture has turned a proud vocation into a job. The lack of good teachers is the result of the pool of applicants.

Many Urban Educational systems are now run by mediocrity. The same mediocrity that lowered the standards for many of those now teaching our children. It's not the structure of the system that's failing, it's the dumbing down of the population to assist the under-achievers.


The election of Barack Obama has, and will have long standing negative effects to our nation. His purposeful attempt to reseed the population with low education, low skill and low assimilation skills was meant to turn the nation into a humanistic nation that relies more on emotional issues than Law. 

These are the same types of populations that we find in Mexico, Central and South America, Africa and other 3rd World, under-developed nations. We have the Federal Government choosing what laws to enforce. We have State and Local Governments that will not cooperate with laws that protect Americans citizens.


The largest influence on our culture, and society today is the Media.  Whether through desensitized violence, hyper sexuality or Politically Correct programing that the majority of viewers see as

immoral. This negative media makes it harder to govern in an orderly and civilized manner. Bad news sells!

Crime and Corruption:

The spike in Crime and Corruption is a direct result of the animus the population lives within.
The Lefts mantra isn't, "Let's do it better. It's, if you can get away with it, so can we." Deviant behaviors are seen in the highest offices of our government and culture. 

People are committing crimes and getting away without any consequences. The protection from any real judgements for protected communities is fueling crime at every level and weaving discontent.

More to come...

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