Saturday, August 22, 2015

Democrats In The Twilight Zone

theodore miraldi.

Drinking Kool-Aid is an acceptable methodology for the young and uninformed. Most, if not all, have passed through this phase of young adulthood now extended to children over 30. Youthful endeavors are meant to fade into adulthood.

Although this may not be the best way to find oneself, we tend to make excuses for those who have lagged behind. After all, this is not a problem rooted in our nation alone.  Not taking responsibility for your life has infected most of the world. It has become an epidemic.

The once energetic democratic party has gone limp. Gone are the days of real issues that propeled us forward. Even if not perfect, there has been some social advantage with some policy.

The age old adage that the 'Least of Us' defines us as a society, has been hijacked by the least of us,  who now define who we are. Face it, we have allowed old and stale rhetoric of the left shut down dialog with threats of boycotts and civil disobedience, instead of cogent process.

For far too long our efforts to raise up those who may have not had access was a noble Christian belief that has seen its time cut short by the charlatans, and self intended individuals.

In a nation where youth is the premium, it was only a matter of time that the world would run away from us, and our superficial endeavors. 

Liberty can only be sustained through a sane coherence to basic paradigms that perpetuate the good, and stifle the misgivings of adults who act more like children.

The democratic party, the party of my youth has refused to mature into the party of Liberty for all.

Youth was never meant to be forever...

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